Tilted Head Analysis 01

Here is the example for this blog entry.


The changes to this person’s face are most likely caused by masturbation with the right hand.

This man’s head is obviously hanging off to his right side. This is because the rear part of his head on the right side has shrunk because of masturbation. The right rear side of his head is not strong enough to hold the head erect, or to push it over to the center of the body against the stronger left side of the head.

Head Tilting is the most obvious change this man’s head displays. His head also displays the other common symptoms of masturbation.

The left eye socket is smaller than the right eye socket.


If this example is compared to an example from the “Masturbation Caused Face Shrinkage” section, we can see that both men have smaller left eyes.


The mouth slants from low on his right up to high on his left. That is partly because his head is titled. The mouth still tilts from low on the right to high on the left anyways.


The man’s chest looks different from side to side.


In the area on the right side of the body where the arrow points, the area between the chest and shoulder is smooth. On the left side of his body, there is a diagonal crease. The presence of this crease on one side of the body and not on the other provides insight into why his head is hanging. The changes to the chest and shoulder are related to the changes to the neck and back of the head that are causing his head to hang downwards.

This man’s face does exhibit Face Shrinkage. It is difficult to see because of the attitude of his head, and because of the angle from which the photograph is taken. One of the clues to Face Shrinkage is the amount of the front of the face that is visible. The right side of the face looks relatively narrow, while the left side of the face looks wider. The lines emphasize the difference in widths between both sides of the face.


The amount of each side of the face that is visible is of course affected by the tilt and rotation of the man’s head and the angle the photo was taken from. In spite of that, this man’s face does exhibit shrinkage on the left side of the face approximately along the border drawn on the left side of the face in the picture below.


The left side of his head has lost front to back depth. It is shorter from front to back. That is what causes the left side of the face to look shrunken. Each point on the left side of the face has moved towards the back of the head in relation to the same point on the right side of the face.

The man’s head is not aligned on his body.


The misalignment of the head and body will lead to both breathing and swallowing problems. Instead of the throat being a relatively straight tube running from the torso, through the neck and up to the mouth and nostrils, the part of the tube running through the neck will become both smaller in diameter, and it will be kinked or buckled so the tube is no longer circular.