Why Homosexuality Is Associated With A Lopsided Body

This is one of the very first videos created for Happeh Theory. The video is not very sophisticated in appearance or writing.

Why homosexuality is associated with a lopsided body

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A written duplicate of the video is provided next for individuals who prefer reading over watching a video.

This video will demonstrate why homosexuality is associated with
a lopsided human body.

Asian philosophy says that people have a male side and a female side.


Asian medicine says that the kidneys can be viewed as male and female.


It is my claim that a person who participates in homosexual sex will exhibit
signs of a kidney imbalance. One kidney will be stronger or weaker than the


Here is a demonstration skeleton model. The model is upright and level.


More importantly, this skeleton is bilaterally symmetric from right to left. The left and right sides of this skeleton model are exactly the same.


The kidneys are located underneath the ribs towards the back.


The blue kidney represents the male kidney.


while the pink kidney represents the female kidney.


Both kidneys are the same size to indicate a balanced person


The kidneys are re-sized and re-positioned to make the demonstration more vivid.


The skeleton is rearranged so that it appears to be resting on the kidneys. The change mostly involves resting the arms on the kidneys.


This is meant to emphasize the connection between the kidneys and the appearance of the entire body.

We said a homosexual person would have unbalanced kidneys. To show imbalance, the male kidney shrinks to show it is weaker than the female kidney.


The part of the skeleton resting on the shrinking male kidney also shrinks. The kidneys are no longer balanced


and the person is no longer bilaterally symmetric.


The arm and leg have become shorter and the torso has tilted to the side.


We define a person who is balanced as healthy and normal. If a person is out of balance,


according to the definition, they are not healthy or normal.

This is not a personal judgement but a factual description of an object that is not in conformance with design principles. A human body is designed to be balanced


and any deviation from that design is, by definition, not normal.