Nov 172013

Homosexuality and masturbation are associated with many of the same changes to the human body. The video linked below discusses the changes that have occurred in the bodies of two self professed gay men.

( Youtube has decided to make viewing of many Happeh Theory videos require a log in to Youtube. This is one of those videos. I apologize for the inconvenience. )

The most important aspect of this video for some readers will be the fact the men are self professed homosexuals. A common reaction to pictures of people that Happeh Theory claims depict human bodies changed by homosexuality, is that there is no way for the creator of Happeh Theory to prove the people in the pictures are gay.

This video of two self professed gay men avoids that conflict. There can be no doubt that the men are gay since they say they are.

The changes in the bodies of the men are actually due to excessive masturbation and not just the result of them being gay. But since they are self professed gay men, it was thought this example also should be categorized in Homosexuality section.

A webpage duplicate of the video follows for individuals who prefer to read instead of watching a video.

This video presents an example of the changes caused to the human body by masturbation.

Here is the example picture.


This person is a self declared gay man.The first interesting thing to note is the position of the man’s right hand.
The angle of the man’s right hand suggests his hand is resting on his groin.
It also looks like he is not wearing underwear.
This reinforces the feeling that he is probably grabbing himself.
The fact he is grabbing his genitals is pertinent because it  means he is standing there in a state of sexual stimulation. His body in the picture right now is under the influence of the effects of masturbation.

How is his body changed by masturbation? One of the most obvious changes is that his right eye is closed.


There is no reason for his right eye to be closed.
Masturbation made his right eye close.
The eye closing effect is the basis for the urban legend that masturbation will make you blind. Masturbation really will make you blind. Every time you masturbate, you train one of your eyes to close up like this man’s.

The man’s mouth has also been affected by masturbation.


The right side of his mouth is higher than the left side of his mouth.
The right side of the mouth is also more open than the left side of the mouth.

Another change to his body is the position of his shoulders.

His right shoulder is higher than his left shoulder.
It is intriguing to note that if the natural line of his left shoulder is extended upwards,
it lays on the same line as his crooked mouth does.
What is the common factor in all of these observations?
The right side of the body.
His right hand is on his genitals.
His right shoulder is higher.
The right side of his mouth is higher than the left side, and  it is open wider
on the right than on the left.
His right eye is closed.
That is not a coincidence. Those are all signs that say this man most likely masturbates with his right hand.
There is no way to avoid the physical changes that masturbation causes to the body. The effects are directly related to the frequency and amount of masturbation. A small amount of masturbation once in awhile will only change the body a small amount. Frequent masturbation for long periods of time will cause major changes to the physical structure of the human body as has been shown.

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