Cartoon Character’s Physical Body Looks Like A Masturbation Changed Energy Body

Masturbation will physically change the body, it will cause a large variety of health problems, and it will distort what is commonly referred to as “the energy body”. The energy body of a human being for this discussion can be visualized as an exact duplicate of the physical body. The flesh colored body in this picture represents the physical body while the red colored body represents the energy body.


The energy body of a human being should be centered and aligned on the physical body. The single human body in this picture has a checkerboard red and flesh color look,


because the picture is actually of both bodies centered and aligned on each other.

The energy body of a human being is “invisible” in the sense that it cannot be photographed. There are two ways to “see” what the energy body of a human being looks like. Some people will have the ability to actually see the “invisible” energy body. That ability is usually something that is gained over time due to life experience, but it is possible for anyone of most any age to naturally have the ability to see the energy body of another human being.

The second way of “seeing” the “invisible” energy body is to deduce how it must look by it’s influence on the physical body. Because the energy body and the physical body are connected, any movement of the energy body will be accompanied by a simultaneous movement of the physical body. People with the proper experience can look at a physically distorted physical body and know how the energy body must have changed or must look in order to cause the changes seen in the physical body.

It is very common to find people who can see the energy body of another human being in the arts community. In fact, many of the great art works of history were created by people who were creating physical representations of the invisible energy body in their work. Which brings us to the subject of this blog entry. 

The following picture is a cartoon character from a Japanese Anime. 


The cartoon character looks exactly like the changed energy body of a male who masturbates with their right hand.

One of the main changes that masturbation makes to the body is blindness in one eye. The cartoon character has only one eye visible.


Another one of the main changes masturbation makes to the body is to make one shoulder look lower than the other. The cartoon character has one low and one high shoulder.


The low and high shoulders give the upper body a slanted down to the right look.


The entire body is also slanted down to the right.


The cartoon character has a large mass of hair hanging down over it’s right eye and right side.


The hair is not long for aesthetic reasons and it is not hanging down to the right because the body is slanted to the right. Masturbation changes the right side of the body internally so the flow of “energy” travels from the head straight down to the right. The long hair is actually the artists representation of that downward flowing energy. 

The most informative observation from the picture is the large ball on the character’s left shoulder.


The left hand looks like it is holding the ball in place.


The ball is the most informative observation from the picture because it explains how right hand masturbation overall changes the body. That ball on the man’s shoulder is the center of his energy.

Recall that it was stated earlier the energy of a human being could be treated as an exact duplicate of the physical body. The energy of a human being can also be treated as a sphere that is normally located in the stomach.


The overall effect of right hand masturbation it to pull the energy sphere in the stomach up to the left shoulder.


All of the other physical changes observed in the body are a reaction of the rest of the body to the movement of the sphere. They are not independent movements of their own. The left hand is not really holding the ball in place as it appears to be at first glance.


The left hand was actually pulled up to the head by the energy ball as it moved up by the head.


That physical body change is so common among people who masturbate that it has been given the name “The Sign Of The Loser”, an example of which is shown next.


The body, right shoulder, and head all tilt down to the right,


to balance the energy ball moving up to the left.


It was stated earlier that famous artworks from history were actually representations of human beings with distorted energy bodies. One of those famous artworks is a statue known as “Atlas”, which is claimed to show a man holding the world on his shoulders.


As you can see, Atlas with the world on his shoulders looks like the cartoon character with the heavy ball on his shoulders.


Observant readers might wonder why the cartoon character and the sign of the loser only have one arm held upwards,


while Atlas has two arms supporting the ball on his shoulders.


The reason why is that the statue of Atlas depicts a more severe or advanced case of masturbation damage than the cartoon character.

Right hand masturbation wants to pull the energy sphere in the stomach up around the left side of the head,


and back down to the right side of the torso.


The energy sphere of the cartoon character has only made it up to his left shoulder,


and has only pulled the left arm up with it, 


so it is a less severe case.

Right hand masturbation has pulled the sphere on the Atlas shoulder to the middle of his back,


which pulls both arms up with it,


so it is a more severe case.

Corroboration for the claim the statue of Atlas represents more severe masturbation caused body distortion than the cartoon character is provided by the appearance of the heads of each creation. The head of the cartoon character appears to be aligned on it’s body as it should be if it is the less severely changed body.


The head of the atlas statue is severely misaligned with the body,


as it would be expected to be if the statue of Atlas really does represent a human body severely changed by right hand masturbation.