Masturbation Symptoms Described in 1900’s Corroborate Happeh Theory

Corroboration of Happeh Theory symptoms from 1900’s

“A book published at the time sold more than a half million copies and described masturbation as “man’s sin of sins, vice of vices [which had caused] incomparably more sexual dilapidation, paralysis and disease as well as demoralization than all the other sexual vices combined.”

The one below is almost Happeh Theory verbatim.

“a very degrading and destructive habit…There is probably no vice which is more injurious to both mind and body…it retards the growth, impairs the mental faculties and reduces the victim to a lamentable state. The person afflicted seeks solitude, and does not wish to enjoy the society of his friends; he is troubled with headache, wakefulness and restlessness at night, pain in various parts of the body, indolence, melancholy, loss of memory, weakness in the back and generative organs, variable appetite, cowardice, inability to look a person in the face, lack of confidence in his own abilities…[Eventually] there will be an irritable condition of the system; sudden flushes of heat over the face; the countenance becomes pale and clammy; the eyes have a dull, sheepish look; the hair becomes dry and split at the ends; sometimes there is pain over the region of the heart; shortness of breath; palpitation of the heart; symptoms of dyspepsia show themselves; the sleep is disturbed; there is constipation; cough; irritation of the throat; finally the whole man becomes a wreck, physically, morally and mentally.

Some of the consequences of masturbation, are epilepsy, apoplexy, paralysis, premature old age, involuntary discharge of seminal fluid, which generally occurs during sleep, or after urinating, or when evacuating the bowels. Among females, besides these other consequences, we have hysteria, menstrual derangement, catalepsy and strange nervous symptoms.”

Lord Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scout movement that if masturbation (which he described as “beastliness”) became “a habit, it quickly destroys both health and spirits; he becomes feeble in body and mind and often ends in a lunatic asylum.”