Dec 112013

The base cause of all masturbation related head changes and health problems is shrinkage of the head.

Each image in the following grid is an example of one of the changes that masturbation masturbation can cause in the head.

  •  Headaches
  •  Migraine headaches
  •  Neck pain
  •  Neck tension
  •  Ringing of the ears
  •  Partial or Total Deafness
  •  Partial or Total Blindness
  •  Breathing difficulty
  •  Sleep Apnea
  • Shape Change Of The Ears And Ear Canal
  • Shape Change Of The Eyes
  • Changes To The Orientation Of The Eyes
  • Shape Change Of The Nose
  • Shape Change Of The Sinuses
  • Shape Change Of The Throat
  • Shape Change Of The Tongue
  • Changes To The Movement Ability Of The Tongue
  • Development Of “Cow Tongue”
  •  Difficulty swallowing
  •  Tendency Towards Choking
  •  Speech problems such as lisping
  •  Biting Of Tongue
  •  Biting Of Cheek
  •  Tooth Cavities
  •  Teeth Grinding
  •  Misalignment Of Teeth
  • Development Of Gaps Between The Teeth
  •  TMJ – Temporol Mandibular Disorder
  • Development Of Cigar Mouth
  •  Premature Balding
  • Abnormal Or Uneven Balding Patterns
  • Improper Tension Anywhere In The Head

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