Dec 122013

The example picture for this blog entry shows a man reclining in a lounge chair.


The man’s torso is leaning over to his right.


Why is the man leaning to his upper body to the right? There does not appear to be any external reason for him to lean to the right. His posture looks uncomfortable because the upper part of his body is not aligned with the lower part of his body,


or his head.


The man is leaning over to his right because his body has been changed by Right Hand Masturbation. One of the changes that masturbation makes to the body is to shrink the body towards the masturbating hand. Since the man is leaning over to his right, he must masturbate with his right hand.

Some people might believe the man is leaning over to his right because of a mental desire, and not because of structural changes to his body caused by masturbation. As the reader has probably already guessed by the camera’s focus on the man’s crotch, this is a sexually themed picture. It seems reasonable to believe that a man who would pose in a sexually suggestive manner in skimpy clothes, while allowing someone to take a close up of his groin, is probably the kind of man who does masturbate.

There are also other visible changes in the man’s body that support the claim his body has been changed by Right Hand Masturbation. One of them is the previously mentioned difference between the center of the torso and the head.


Why isn’t the head aligned on the torso? Any bodily misalignment will cause pain and discomfort to some degree. Why would the man purposefully subject himself to the pain and discomfort of a misaligned body and head? It does not seem likely that anyone would purposefully inflict pain and discomfort on themselves. Which supports the claim the man’s posture is the result of structural changes to his body and not a mental desire to pose in the way that he is.

The visible evidence of the Right Hand Masturbation caused structural changes that have changed the angle of the man’s head will be highlighted by first drawing a line from the center of the groin to the center of the man’s head.


Almost all of the man’s head is to the right side of the line,


while a much smaller section is located to the left of the line.


Why is the left side of the man’s head smaller than the right side of this head? There a many causes that could be responsible for the size disparity between the right and left side of the man’s head. But head shrinkage is one of the known effects of masturbation. That fact supports the author’s claim the man’s body has been changed by Right Hand Masturbation.

Another visible body change supporting the claim the left side of the man’s head is shrunken is the appearance of the left eye.


The left eye looks bigger than the right eye.


That is because the masturbation caused shrinkage of the left side of the head pulls the upper part of the eye up,


and the lower part of the eye down.


The masturbation caused shrinkage of the left side of the head has also pulled the left side of the mouth downwards.


The shrinkage of the left side of the head also makes the left ear look bigger,


than the right ear.


That is partly because the rotation and tilting of the head to his right,


brings the left ear forwards,


and rotates the right ear to the rear,


but also because the shrinkage of the left side of the face and head,


means they no longer obscure the left ear as they did. 


Masturbation changes not only the physical body but the energy body. According to Happeh Theory the human body has what is commonly referred to as “energy” associated with it. The energy of the human body can be treated as a duplicate of the human body that is designed to be centered and aligned on the physical body.

The energy body can move away from it’s proper location. The movement of any part of the energy body away from it’s proper location will be associated with the development of some type of physical body change or health problem.

Masturbation will cause movement of the energy body. Which parts of the energy body and how far away they move from their proper location is dependent on the details of how the individual masturbates. In general though the energy body will move in the direction opposite from any direction the physical body moves.

That is because one of the laws of physics states “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Which means if the physical body moves one way, something has to move the other way. That something is the energy of the body. The energy of the body moves the opposite direction of the physical body to balance the movement of the physical body. 

Since the example man’s upper body has moved to the right, his energy body must have moved to the left. Because the energy of the human body is invisible, it is impossible to point at the energy body and say “there is the energy body shifted to the left as claimed”. What can be done is to show where the upper part of the man’s energy body has shifted using an appropriate duplicate section of his physical body. The next picture shows a duplicate of the appropriate section of the man’s torso and head cut from the main picture.


That duplicate torso is then placed on the original picture approximately where the torso of the man’s energy body is currently situated.


A line is drawn from the center of the groin up along the center of the energy body torso to emphasize how the energy body is aligned with the lower body.


Then a duplicate of the head is placed approximately where the head of the energy body is currently located.


The line in the next picture runs from the center of the groin up to the center of the head,


highlighting how the head and torso of the energy body are mostly aligned with the lower body.

Are you able to see or “feel” how the duplicate torso and head fit the rest of the body better than the actual torso and head?


It almost looks like he has someone sitting in his lap doesn’t it?


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