Excessive Sexual Activity Analysis 001


According to Happeh Theory, Excessive Sex affects the human body in almost exactly the same way Masturbation does. The most easily identifiable changes include making a human being blind and crippled. Many other physical changes, as well as mental and emotional changes, are associated with both Excessive Sex and Masturbation.

This blog entry details some of the changes Excessive Sexual Activity has made in the body of the woman in this picture.


The most obvious change Excessive Sex has produced in the example woman is the tilt of her head. For no apparent reason the woman’s head is tilted to her left at approximately a 45 degree angle.


The right side of the woman’s mouth, the same side of the body the head is tilted towards, gives the impression it is open wider than the left side. The observations supporting that statement are too subtle to highlight. The reader should examine the picture for signs of shrinkage of the face around the right side of the mouth compared to the same area around the left side of the mouth.

The feeling the right side of the mouth is open wider than the left side is accentuated by the fact the woman’s tongue appears to be hanging partially out of the right side of her mouth. As if the right side of the mouth could not close enough to keep the tongue inside.


The woman’s hair is parted on the right side of the head exactly where it is because of Excessive Sex caused changes to the size and shape of her head.


Even though the left shoulder cannot be seen, the upper part of the body looks slanted as if the right shoulder is higher than the left shoulder.


All of the previously highlight changes to the example woman’s body are the result of majority shrinkage of the right side of her body caused by Excessive Sexual activity.

Because the same bodily changes by Excessive Sex are caused by Masturbation, the reader interested in how Excessive Sex changes the human body should peruse The Master Of Bation website. That website is devoted to discussion and examples of the same bodily changes, except from the perspective of being caused by masturbation.