Feb 032014

A man whose body is changed by masturbation or homosexuality in the way described by Happeh Theory can be seen at the 15 minutes 45 seconds mark in the video linked below.

The interested viewer will want to critically observe every single motion the man makes. Pay attention to where a particular motion of interest begins, how far it travels, what angular, curved or spiral paths it may follow, and where the motion ends.

The man’s body can also be observed when the video is paused for the deformations commonly caused by Right Hand Masturbation. An initial observation the interested viewer can start off with is to compare the appearance of the right arm and right torso to the left arm and left torso. The differences should be obvious enough for anyone to see them. For those that want verification of their observations to determine if they are on the right track or not, the right arm and torso are both smaller than the left arm and torso.

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