An Entire Body Changed In The Way Described By Happeh Theory – #01

The body in this picture looks the way it does because it has been changed by one of those influences.


The possible influences that could have produced the changes observed in the example body include Masturbation, Excessive Sex, Homosexuality, Excessive Exercise, Injection Or Snorting Of Drugs, Anorexia, Youth Or Old Age, and Analytical Thought.

What exactly are the changes that one of those influences have produced in the example body? The upper and lower body are misaligned. The upper body is aligned vertically,


while the lower body angles off to the side.


The misalignment of the upper and lower torso produces a depression in the right side of the torso that is known as “Anorexia Dent” in Happeh Theory nomenclature.


The entire body gives the impression it is falling over to the left.


An impression which is strengthened by the left hand apparently bracing itself on the desktop to prevent the body from falling over.


The head slants from high on the left to down on the right,


it is rotated to the right,


and it is also being pulled to the upper rear left in a way reminiscent of the way a fish hook pulls on the head of a fish.


While the individual obviously has two eyes,


the combination of the head rotating to the right and the slanting of the head down to the right leave the impression that the individual has only one very large eye.


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