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Masturbation does not make the body exactly and evenly asymmetric as shown in this photoshopped image.


The head of the image for instance, is not shrunken by the same amount as the arm and torso, and the arm does not evenly shrink throughout it’s entire length.

Instead, masturbation caused bodily asymmetry follows a pattern that is determined by the following factors:

  1. Which hand the individual uses to masturbate
  2. How the hand is used to masturbate
  3. The posture held during masturbation
  4. The total amount of masturbation over the individual’s lifetime
  5. The details of the deep level construction of the body

Which hand is used to masturbate

The hand used to masturbate has the biggest impact on the changes to bodily asymmetry. Asymmetry of the body caused by Left Handed Masturbation looks different and is different from bodily asymmetry caused by Right Handed Masturbation.

The changes are not an exact mirror difference to each other, although it is close. Depending on whether the affected body is male or female, there will be minor differences in the visible manifestation of bodily asymmetry due to basic differences in construction between the male and human body.

How the hand is used to masturbate

There are a myriad of ways in which a person can masturbate. And each one is causes different patterns of bodily asymmetry of varying severity. Masturbation methods that affect which patterns and shapes within the body will be changed and how severely they will be changed include:

  1. Whether the entire hand is moved back and forth over the penis, or just some combination of the fingers is moved back and forth over the penis.
  2. The angle of the hand to the body during any masturbation method.
  3. Moving the entire hand or some combination of the fingers back and forth over the penis versus a stationary hand holding the penis with only the fingers moving to produce a masturbation effect
  4. Masturbation of the entire penis versus masturbation of some smaller length of the penis such as just the head.

The posture held while masturbating

Masturbating while standing up affects the inner bodily patterns and shapes differently than masturbating while sitting down or laying down. Masturbating leaning to one side or the other will produce different patterns of bodily asymmetry whether it is done during standing, sitting or lying down.

Holding the limbs, head  or torso at odd angles or in odd positions during masturbation will have an affect on bodily asymmetry patterns, although in those cases it will be important to differentiate between the mental choice of holding a body part at an odd angle or position while masturbating which as stated will affect the visible pattern of bodily asymmetry, versus a body part being forced into an odd angle or position which is part of the masturbation caused bodily asymmetry.

The total amount of masturbation over the individual’s lifetime

Because masturbation is a physical act it affects the body in a way similar to a physical exercise. Which means that the more an individual masturbates the more asymmetric the body will become, while the less an individual masturbates, the less asymmetry their body will manifest.

A person who masturbates only once every 6 months will likely notice very little if any masturbation caused bodily asymmetry. An individual who masturbated every day for 6 months though, is going to experience immediate dramatic changes to the symmetry of their body.

The details of the construction of the human body

The human body is constructed at a deep level from a variety of interlocking patterns and shapes. The forces of masturbation will change one or more of those underlying patterns or shapes inside of the body which then produce related shape changes in the outer visible part of the body. That goes for any human body male or female, young or old, white, brown, or black.

It is not physically possible to masturbate with the hands without causing the body to become asymmetric in the ways described by Happeh Theory.

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