Visualizing And Explaining Masturbation Caused Changes To The Head – In Progress

Masturbation changes the head in many different ways. Those changes may seem random and unconnected, but they are actually part of a pattern of reaction to an underlying masturbation caused force acting on the head.

This post provides ways to visualize the underlying masturbation caused forces acting on the head, as well as listing the visible head change pattern commonly associated with each force. 

( The ability to visualize how each masturbation caused force acts on the head, will assist the individual in comprehending why the associated set of visible head changes follows the pattern it does. )

For the purposes of this discussion, the head in the following picture will be treated as a properly aligned and shaped human head.


The masturbation caused forces that produce patterns of visible physical changes in the head can be visualized as acting in the following ways:

While every one of those underlying forces will cause every visible head change to appear to some degree, each underlying force is associated with a subset of visible head changes that are more prominent.  The more prominent visible head changes linked to each specific underlying force are:

Angled Dome Shrinkage – Gumby Head, Big Eye, Cyclopean Eye, Egyptian Eye, Skull Distortion, Hairline Distortion

Circle Shrinkage – Facial Distortion, Big Eye, Egyptian Eye, Head Tilting

Energy Head Distortion – Facial Distortion

One Half Face Shrinkage – Big Eye, Egyptian Eye, Mouth Distortion, Cigar Mouth, Hairline Distortion, Skull Distortion

Inner Eye Focused Shrinkage – Bad Eye, Facial Distortion

Lower Quarter Face Shrinkage – Big Eye, Egyptian Eye, Mouth Distortion, Cigar Mouth

Post Shrinkage – Head Tilting, Head Rotation, Head Jutting, Fish Hooked Head

Pyramid Distortion – Cyclopean Eye, Head Tilting, Head Jutting, Head Rotation

Upper Angled Wedge Shrinkage – Big Eye, Egyptian Eye, Fish Hooked Head, Hairline Distortion, Skull Distortion


Angled Dome Shrinkage

Angled Dome Shrinkage is so named because the head looks as if a dome was placed over it and everything under the dome was reduced by some amount.  The dome can cut across a small, medium or extremely large part of the head.

The angle of the base of the dome shape can be anything from 1 degree to about 75 degrees.

 The reason why the visible head change known as “Gumby Head” and Angled Dome Shrinkage are strongly linked is obvious when pictures of the two conditions are compared.

Gumby Head IS Angled Dome Shrinkge. The two terms could be used interchangeable.


Cyclopean Eye, Big Eye and Egyptian Eye, are all strongly linked to Angled Dome Shrinkage because they can be viewed as side effects of Angled Dome Shrinkage. “Cyclopean Eye” is the name given to the eye that is not within the area of Angled Dome Shrinkage. 


The conditions known as “Big Eye” and “Egyptian Eye” affect the eye that is within the area of the Angled Dome.


Skull Distortion is strongly linked to Angled Dome Shrinkage because the skull is within the area of the Angled Dome.


Angled Dome Shrinkage will also affect the hairline that is within the area of the Angled Dome.



Circle Shrinkage

 “Circle Shrinkage” is so named because the head looks like a circle has been placed over it and everything within the circle has been changed in some way. The circle almost always lies only partially on the face so only part of the circular shape is seen on the face. Here is a theoretical example of what Circle Shrinkage looks like. 


All of the face that lies within the boundary of the circle will be affected by Circle Shrinkage. This picture highlights the part of the example face within the Circular Shrinkage Area.


Here is an image of an actual case of Circle Shrinkage.


This picture has the area of Circle Shrinkage superimposed on it.


All of the face that is within the boundary of the Circular Shrinkage Area has been changed in some way, as well as parts of the face just outside the boundary of the Circular Shrinkage Area.


Comparison of the three previous pictures should help the novice to “see” the Circular Shrinkage Area on the unaltered image, and / or the pattern of actual physical changes on the face that fall within the boundary of the Circular Shrinkage Area.


Energy Head Distortion

The human body has what is commonly called an “energy body” associated with it. That energy body can be treated as an exact duplicate of the physical body.


The energy body should be exactly centered and aligned on the physical body. The checkerboard pattern of red and flesh colors in the next picture is the result of the red energy body being centered and aligned on the flesh colored physical body.


 “Energy Head Distortion” is the result of the head of the energy body becoming misaligned from the head of the physical body.


“Energy Head Distortion” is similar to “Circle Distortion in that it is the area where the head of the energy body is superimposed over the physical head that experiences changes,


like it is the area of the head where the circle is superimposed on the head in Circle Distortion that experiences changes.


Here is a gallery of Energy Head Distortion examples.

And here are the same images with a duplicate of the physical head placed approximately where the head of the energy body is currently located.


One Half Face Shrinkage

“One Half Face Shrinkage” is the name given to the collection of changes that occur relatively evenly to one entire half of the face.



Inner Eye Focused Shrinkage

“Inner Eye Focused Shrinkage” is the name given to a collection of changes that affect one half of the head and whose focus is on the inner part of the eye.


“Inner Eye Focused Shrinkage” is the same as “One Half Face Shrinkage” with two changes. Inner Eye Focused Shrinkage does not look like it goes all the way to the very top or bottom half of the head the way One Half Face Shrinkage does, even though there will be some shrinkage in those areas,


and all of the changes will give the definite impression that they are all focused on the inner eye.


Even though both conditions affect most of one half of the head like One Half Face Shrinkage does, the obvious focusing of that shrinkage on the inner eye in “Inner Eye Focused Shrinkage” justifies creating a category for just those types of face changes. 


Lower Quarter Face Shrinkage

“Lower Quarter Face Shrinkage” is the name given to a collection of head changes that look as if they were created by shrinking the lower quarter of one side of the face.


Here is an actual example of “Lower Quarter Face Shrinkage”. 


The area of “Lower Quarter Face Shrinkage” is outlined in this picture.


And then a comparison picture to help see the changes to the face as well as the changes that occur in the body in a a case of “Lower Quarter Face Shrinkage”.


Lower Quarter Face Shrinkage is not caused just by head shrinkage. Lower Quarter Face Shrinkage is part of a pattern of shrinkage that includes various related areas of the body. The next example of a man lifting his shirt up provides the opportunity to point out the related body changes that occur simultaneously with Lower Quarter Face Shrinkage.


The example man has Lower Quarter Face Shrinkage on the right side of his face in the highlighted area of the following image. 


The weakening of the right side of the face means it is not strong enough to prevent the head from tilting down to the left.


The bodily weakening associated with this case of Right Side Lower Quarter Face Shrinkage gives the right side of the body the tendency to rotates forwards.


He has simultaneously lifted up his shirt with his right hand when he rotated the right side of his body forwards.


Lifting up his shirt exposes an arch shaped area of the right side of his body.


If that arch shape is extended upwards, the top of the arch falls on the part of the right side of the face that was previously said to have Lower Quarter Face Shrinkage.


The bodily changes in the next example are similar to the bodily changes in the previous example. The fact that the next example shows a naked person and his body exhibits changes similar to the ones exhibited by the clothed man support the contention that the clothed man’s bodily changes are caused by masturbation.


Here is a seated example of Lower Quarter Face Shrinkage.


( It can be argued that “Lower Quarter Face Shrinkage” is just a variation of “One Half Face Shrinkage, and for that reason examples of “Lower Quarter Face Shrinkage” should be put in the “One Half Face Shrinkage” category. That is a valid point and those wishing to do so could take that approach.

A separate category for “Lower Quarter Face Shrinkage” is being used in this discussion because of the overwhelming number of examples where the shrinkage to the lower quarter part of the face is so severe that the shrinkage of the rest of the face is usually overlooked during an initial glance. )


Post Shrinkage

“Post Shrinkage” is the tentative name given to a collection of head changes that look as if they are the result of a post shaped area of the neck and head being shrunken.



Pyramid Distortion

The human body behaves as if there is a pyramid inside of it. That pyramid should be centered on the body.


“Pyramid Distortion” is the name given to a particular look of the head that is the result of the pyramid moving away from it’s proper position centered on the body.



Upper Angled Wedge Shrinkage

“Upper Angled Wedge Shrinkage” is the name given to a collection of changes that appear in a wedge shaped area on the upper part of the head.


The changes give the impression that they are moving towards the back of the head as if something back there was pulling on them.