The Body Of “The King Of Masturbation” Exhibits The Symptoms Described By Happeh Theory

According to Happeh Theory, Masturbation will make a human being blind and crippled, as well as causing many other changes and health problems to the human body. One of the most frequent objections to the examples of masturbation changed bodies that are provided by Happeh Theory, which are almost exclusively single still images, is that it cannot be proven the individuals masturbate.

The blog entry addresses that objection by providing an example human body about which there is no doubt masturbation has had an influence on, because the example human body belongs to a man who has been crowned “The King Of Masturbation”, for setting a world record of 9 hours and 58 minutes of continuous, hand only masturbation.

A European media outlet did an interview with “The King Of Masturbation”, whose name is “Masanobu”. That interview is located on Youtube and is linked below. Because of the adult nature of the video, you must be over 18 and log into Youtube before you will be allowed to see the video.

While watching the video, please examine the man’s body, face, and behavior for anything that catches your attention.

“The King Of Masturbation Interview Video”

According to Happeh Theory, Masturbation causes the body to contract and shrink. While that contraction and shrinkage affects the entire body to some degree, the strongest effects will be focused on the same side of the body as the hand the individual uses to masturbate with. The following picture shows Masanobu using a red colored sex toy held by his right hand to masturbate,


which means the Masturbation caused contraction and shrinkage of his body should be focused on the right side of this body.


The next picture shows a computer model with it’s arms and legs spread wide that provides a clear view of the front of the body.


 Right Hand Masturbation will contract and shrink the body strongly in the area highlighted by the line in the next picture.


The entire body will shrink in towards the line, not just the right side that shrinks.


The center of the curve also acts as a center of shrinkage.


The right arm will experience a pulling force towards that center point,


the right leg will experience a pulling force towards that center point,


and the right side of the head will experience a pulling force towards that center point. That pulling force will make the right, the right leg, and the right side of the head look as if they are collapsing in towards, or moving towards the center of curve.

The body will also behave as if there is a center point to the outside of the body.


The entire right side of the body will seem to tilt or fall towards that point.


The right side of the body along that line will also behave as if it is being pulled towards a point located approximately where the dot in the next picture is.

Now that the way in which Right Hand Masturbation will affect any human body have been demonstrated, does the body of “The King Of Masturbation look like it is behaving in a way related to any of those factors?

Yes it does.

It was just stated that the entire right side of the body will tend to tilt or fall towards a point to the outside of the right side of the body.


Now please examine the next picture of Masanobu sitting down.


Masanobu is leaning to his right,


as if his body was moving towards a point to the outside of the right side of his body.


In the picture of Masanobu masturbating, his left leg is laying down lower,


than his right leg.


That is because the contracting and shrunken right side of the body,


has pulled the right leg in towards it.