Oct 152013

The study this blog post was motivated by found that the chances of hearing loss doubled among users of Viagra.

Is an erection worth becoming hard of hearing?

The original news story is reprinted below.


A new US study suggests men who take Pfizer’s Viagra (sildenafil) or similar drugs for erectile dysfunction may double their chances of hearing impairment, bolstering a Food and Drug Administration warning from 2007 about this side effect.

High doses of Viagra have been shown to damage hearing in mice, but until now only a few anecdotal cases had been described in humans.

The study, based on a national sample of American men over 40, found that slightly more than one in six of those who did not take Viagra-like drugs — for instance, Eli Lilly’s Cialis — were deaf or hard of hearing.

Among those who took the drugs, however, almost one in three had hearing loss, Gerald McGwin, an epidemiologist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health, told Reuters Health.

Even after accounting for other factors linked to hearing loss, hard-of-hearing men still had twice the odds of taking Viagra, said McGwin, whose findings appear in the journal Archives of Otolaryngology–Head & Neck Surgery.

However, he said, more research is still needed to confirm the findings.

Drug makers already include a “black box” warning about potential hearing loss on these products. But the new results expand on that concern, said Dr. James E. Saunders, an ear doctor with Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire.

“Before the current paper the focus has always been on sudden hearing loss,” Saunders, who was not involved in the study, told Reuters Health. “This study suggests that maybe there are small incremental changes that occur over time.”

While he noted that the study relied on self-reporting of hearing loss, which has been criticized as inaccurate, he said at this point he would advise patients with hearing loss not to take the drugs.

But for men with normal hearing and erectile dysfunction, comparing a potential side effect to a real problem might tip the scale, he added.

“The few times that I’ve had that conversation with patients it’s kind of a difficult decision,” he said.

Oct 152013

(1) – One of the side effects of Viagra usage is blindness. Happeh Theory claims one of the main changes masturbation causes to the human body is blindness.

(2) – Viagra is a drug that allows men to have a prolonged erection of up to 4 hours according to the product labeling.

The scientific study that is the motivation for this blog entry found that users of Viagra have experienced various side effects from using Viagra.

One of those side effects was blindness in one eye.

Other side effects included the development of hearing problems and the development of heart problems.

The side effects experienced by users of Viagra support the claims of Happeh Theory, because Happeh Theory specifically claims that Masturbation or Excessive Sexual Activity will make a human being blind and crippled, as well as causing other health problems like a loss of hearing or heart trouble.


It is not the drug Viagra itself that is causing the health problems that are the same ones described by Happeh Theory. The chemicals in Viagra are not causing the bodily changes and health problems.

Viagra causes blindness, deafness, heart problems, etc, because it allows the individual to engage in more sexual activity. It is the actual sexual activity, be it masturbation, intercourse, etc, that is causing the health problems.

So if someone was to quit taking Viagra, they will not necessarily recover from their health problems. They must also stop the Excessive Sexual Activity that the Viagra pills allowed them to engage in.

The Scientific study is reprinted below.

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Oct 152013

One reason people have trouble stopping masturbation is because they have no other sexual outlet. Partner sex is not available for whatever reason so the individual feels they have no choice but to masturbate. This blog entry discusses a healthy alternative to masturbation that involves a device called a “FleshLight”. A Fleshlight has a duplicate of a mouth, a vagina, or an anus mounted in a metal housing that looks like a flashlight. Hence the name “FleshLight”.


A FleshLight is designed to be held in the hand and used to masturbate with instead of using the hand itself.


One of the reasons masturbation harms the body is that when the hand encircles the penis for masturbation it does not completely encircle the penis. The arrows in the next picture highlight part of the penis that is not covered by the masturbating hand.


Because the penis is not completely encircled by the hand, uneven pressure is applied to the penis during masturbation. Relatively strong pressure is applied by the hand to every part of the penis except the part of the penis the hand does not cover, which receives no pressure at all.

The FleshLight completely encircles the penis.


Because the FleshLight completely encircles the penis, equal pressure will be applied all around the circumference of the penis. It is healthier for the penis and healthier for the human body if the penis receives similar pressure at all points on it’s surface that are in sexual contact with something.

While applying even pressure to the entire circumference of the penis does alleviate some of the health impacts caused by masturbation, that is not the reason for recommending the use of a FleshLight for sex instead of masturbating with the hand.

The main reason masturbation causes health problems is because the individual has to use their arm to masturbate. The individual who wants to masturbate but does not want to go blind and crippled from arm masturbation, needs an alternative type of masturbation.

That is how using a FleshLight can prevent masturbation caused blindness and crippledness. A FleshLight can be set up to be used for armless masturbation.

Devices have been created that mount a FleshLight into a platform like the one shown next.


Instead of using the hand to hold the FleshLight to masturbate, causing many of the same problems that masturbating with the hand causes, the individual gets on their knees in front of the platform mounted FleshLight,


so they can push and pull their penis into and out of the FleshLight with their buttocks,




and legs,


as their body was designed to.


This blog entry has used the FleshLight and a platform designed for a FleshLight as examples because images of those objects were available. Any sexual aid that completely encircles the penis and can be firmly mounted on a platform will work just as effectively.

The example platform for the FleshLight was designed so the individual was on their knees to use the FleshLight. It would be just as good and perhaps even better if the FleshLight or other sexual aid was mounted at a height comfortable to use while standing firmly planted on both feet. A shop vise would work well to hold the FleshLight or sexual aid at a comfortable standing height. Or a platform of the proper height could be built.

Regardless of what platform type appeals to the individual, the important thing is to completely stop using the hand to sexually stimulate the penis,


and to instead pump a platform mounted FleshLight, or similar sexual aid with the buttocks, hips, and legs, as the human body was designed to do.


This alternative sexual activity does not provide the same degree of health benefits and therapeutic action that partner sex does. It is highly recommended that the masturbating individual overcome whatever obstacles there are and become involved in partner sex

Oct 152013

There is a direct correlation between the amount of masturbation and the severity of the changes that masturbation causes to the human body. The more masturbation is engaged in, the more numerous and more severe will be the changes caused to the body A general guideline to various amounts of masturbation and the associated amounts of body change is presented next.

Masturbation one time per year

Very little if any change to the body

Masturbation once every six months

Very little change to the body

Masturbation once every three months

Causes a small number of minor changes to the body

Masturbation once a month

Causes a larger number of minor changes of slightly increased severity

Masturbation once a week

Causes moderate changes of moderate severity to the body

Masturbation once a day

Causes many changes of varying severity

Masturbation multiple times per day

Causes a multitude of severe and extremely severe changes to the body

Oct 152013

There are three possible reasons that can explain why doctors and scientists say masturbation is harmless.


The author believes there are scientists and doctors who know masturbation is harmful, but they lie about those harmful effects for political reasons.

Masturbation will make a human being weak and easy to control. By promulgating the false claims that masturbation is harmless, the lying doctors and scientists are actually encouraging people to become victims of their political conspiracy.

After the victims become masturbators because they believe it is harmless, even if they learn they are being controlled by others and want to resist they will have a very hard time doing so, because masturbation will have made them too physically and mentally weak to resist effectively.


The students who eventually become doctors and scientists are just like students everywhere. The trust in and believe what their instructors tell them.

When those instructors tell them lies about the harmlessness of masturbation, they accept whatever is said without question. They never consider the possibility they are being told lies for political reasons, so they never investigate what they are being told to see if it is actually true.


There are some scientists and doctors who deny masturbation is harmful because they either do not have the education or the mental capacity to comprehend how masturbation of the genitals at the groin can change other areas of the body.

Oct 152013

The complex shaped human body will be treated as a simple four sided rectangle for this blog entry.


Justification for that action is the fact that the shoulders and hips have a natural rectangle shape.


The easiest way to describe how masturbation affects the human body is to say, “Masturbation will shrink both ends of one side of the body towards the center of the body”. The next picture shows the effects on a rectangle of shrinking both left ends of the rectangle moved towards the center of the rectangle.


The new shape that has been formed is called a “Trapezoid”. Masturbation changed the rectangle representing the human body into a Trapezoid.

In the following picture, both ends of the left side of a human body have been moved towards the center of the body to mimic the movement of both ends of the rectangle towards the center of the rectangle.


Every possible health problem or bodily change that can be caused by masturbation can be deduced by treating a masturbation changed human body as if it really has the lopsided trapezoidal look shown in the picture.


That claim will be demonstrated using the eyes. Normal eyes should both be mostly oval as demonstrated in this picture.


The normally shaped and sized eyes are then compared to the trapezoid that represents a masturbation changed human body.


The left side of the trapezoid is shorter than the right side. If that trapezoid represents a human body, then the left eye should change in the same way the upper left part of the trapezoid changed.

The next picture shows the left eye changed in the same way the upper left part of the rectangle representing the human body changed.


The upper left part of the trapezoid moved downwards,


so the outer part of the left eye was moved downwards also.


The left side of the rectangle is shorter after the lowering of the upper left corner


and the outer part of the left eye is also shorter.


The left eye has became smaller as a result of masturbation caused shrinkage. A smaller eye fit’s the definition of a “blind” eye because that smaller eye cannot see as well as a larger normal sized eye can.

While keeping what has been said up to this point in mind, please examine the eyes of the individual in the next picture.


The author claims this man’s appearance is the result of Masturbation. If that claim is true, the man’s eyes should look similar to the theoretically changed eyes in the previous discussion.

This picture compares the example individual to the graphic showing the trapezoid representing a masturbation changed body, with the similarly changed pair of eyes above it.


The eyes of the example individual resemble the theoretically changed eyes. The man’s right eye is pulled down at the outside just like the theoretical eye that has been called the left eye up to this point in the discussion.


and his right eye is also smaller than his left eye,


That correspondence between the appearance of the eyes of a real human being, and the changes predicted by the trapezoidal model of masturbation changes to the human body, supports the claim the trapezoidal model of masturbation changes to the human body, is a valid method of predicting how masturbation will affect various

Oct 152013

The human body is designed to be Visually Bilaterally Symmetric.

The word “symmetric” means “the same on both sides”, so “Visually Bilaterally Symmetric” means “the right and left side look identical”, like the right and left sides of the human body in this picture.


The most obvious change masturbation makes in a human body is to make it Visually Bilaterally Asymmetric.

The word “Asymmetric” means “the right and left side look different from each other”, like the normal right side of this Visually Bilaterally Asymmetric body looks different from the shrunken left side of the body.


That shrinkage and tightening alters the natural distances and angles of the body, which in turn affects the shape and the proper movement of the body. Those changes to the natural distances and angles of the body may or may not be accompanied by a health problem or problems.

The next picture shows an example of a real human body that has been made Visually Bilaterally Asymmetric by Right Hand Masturbation.
The right side of the body is smaller than the left side of the body.
The center of  the Right Hand Masturbation caused shrinkage is above the right shoulder.
That center of shrinkage pulls the right arm up towards it,
it pulls the right leg up towards it,
and pulls the head down towards it.
The bodily shrinkage that pulls the head down to the right is so strong that it shrinks the left side of the head, causing a dark area that is known in Happeh Theory nomenclature as “Black In The Face”.
It would be natural for the reader to question the claim that the example man actually does masturbate with his right hand, and that the look of his body in the picture is due to the effects of Right Hand Masturbation. To address that doubt, the current image will be compared to another similarly changed body, in the hopes the consistencies in bodily changes between the two examples will be more convincing.
Here is the example body that will be used for comparison
Since this example body is naked, it should be easier to accept the claim this individual masturbates with his right hand.
So what has Right Hand Masturbation done to the naked man’s body?
Right Hand Masturbation created a center of shrinkage approximately above his right shoulder.
That center of shrinkage pulls the right arm up towards it,
it pulls the pinky and ring finger of the right hand up towards itself,
it pulls the right leg up towards itself,
and it pulls the head down towards itself.
Although it is difficult to make out because of the facial blurring, the left side of the face looks darker than the right side of the face.
If both examples are compared to each other, they both display the same pattern of bodily. They both have a lifted upwards right arm,
a lifted upwards right leg,
both of their heads are tilted down to the right,
and the both have a dark colored left side of the face.
If the reader accepts the naked man really does masturbate with his right hand and his body looks the way it does because of Right Hand Masturbation, then even though the other man is in a non-sexual situation, the fact that his body looks just like the naked man’s body should convince the doubtful reader, that the body of the clothed man really has been changed by Right Hand Masturbation.
More importantly, the reader should keep in mind that the apparent bodily change pattern for Right Hand Masturbation, is a lifted right arm, a lifted right leg, a head tilted down to the right, and a dark left side of the face.