Nov 072013

The short video this post is based on discusses stroke victims who lose the ability to perceive things out of one of their eyes.The eyes themselves function normally. It is the brain that has been damaged by the stroke that is causing the perception difficulties.


The link below is for the original news story which appeared on the British Guardian website.

The news story the video is a part of

The video strongly corroborates the claim by Happeh Theory that Masturbation will make a human being blind in one eye.

The most common response to that claim is “I have perfect 20/20 vision and I have masturbated for years so you must be wrong”. The video explains how people can have perfect 20/20 vision and still be blind in one eye.

They have a brain problem that interferes with their vision like the stroke victim in the video. They don’t have an eye problem. 


A commentary on some of the video.

The video talks about how the man featured in the video,


has trouble seeing to his left.

It is not a coincidence that the man also leans to his left,


the left side of his body is rotated forwards,


the left side of his wife’s body is rotated forwards,


and his wife’s eyes are all the way to the left side of their sockets.


It is also not a coincidence that as the woman moves her head to the left and looks to her left at the 18 second mark in the video, the man simultaneously reaches up and sticks his finger in his left eye.


The man pokes his finger in his left eye at the same time his wife looks left because his body is following her energy.

All of those observations are strong indicator’s that the man’s energy body is linked to the energy body of his wife. A fact that means it is actually much more likely that both the man’s stroke and his perception problems are due to the energy linkage to his wife’s body, rather than some physical or behavioral problem of the man.

The overall bodily change that is causing the man to lean to his left, rotate to his left, have trouble perceiving to his left, and stick his right finger in his left eye, is a shrinking of the right side of the body. The line in the next picture follows the boundary between the relatively normal left side of his body and the shrunken right side of his body.


In fact the shrinkage of his right side is so severe that it has created a visible dividing line in his head.


It is not a coincidence the man had a stroke, he has health problems that could be described as “asymmetric perception issues”, and there is a plainly visible line dividing his head asymmetrically into a larger left side,


and a smaller right side.


Those plainly visible changes to the head support the Science of Phrenology, and should provide a reason to study the basic principles of the Science of Phrenology for any medical or other person seriously interested in this subject.

It was previously claimed that the video provided insight into why someone with 20/20 vision could have Masturbation caused blindness, because it talks about how the blindness is associated with the brain and not with the eyes. Those who are familiar with this website might be wondering why the stroke victim’s left eye ,


do not have the same shrunken and distorted look as someone with a Masturbation caused vision loss does, like the man in the left side of this comparison picture who has a Masturbation caused shrunken and distorted left eye.


That could be attributed to the difference between a stroke caused vision loss in the left eye and a masturbation caused vision loss in the left eye. The man’s stroke in his brain did not affect his left eye physically the way the physical act of masturbation physically changed the face of the man on the left side of the picture. In fact, the stroke victims left eye has the appearance it was or is the main eye he focused out of as highlighted in this picture.