Oct 172013

The face the Asian man is making at the camera mimics the common changes that masturbation makes to the face of a human being.


And here is an actual masturbation changed face that looks almost exactly like the Asian man’s mocking face.


The only difference between the mocking face the Asian man is making and the real masturbation changed face is that they are opposites of each other.

The Asian man’s head is rotated to his left,


while the masturbation changed man’s head is rotated to his right.


The similarities between the two heads can be easier to see if the Asian man’s head is rotated to the right like the Caucasian man’s head is.


Now that both heads are rotated to the right so the similarities are easier to see, the exact changes that masturbation has caused in the head of the Caucasian man, and which the Asian man is copying to mock people like the Caucasian man will be listed.

The Asian man is forcing his chin to stick out,


in the same way masturbation forces the Caucasian man’s chin to stick out.


The Chinese man is forcing one of his eyes forwards,


in the same way masturbation has forced one of the eyes of the Caucasian man forwards.


While the mouth of each man looks different, they are actually two different manifestations of a masturbation changed mouth.

The Chinese man has forced his mouth wide open,


and is sticking his teeth out,


as well as coloring one of his upper teeth black


to imitate a severely masturbation changed mouth.

The closed mouth of the Caucasian man,


that looks sunken into the right side of his face,


is how a more moderately masturbation changed mouth will look.

As the Caucasian man’s body is changed more and more by masturbation, the entire mouth will recede like the right side is currently receded, until the mouth is open and the teeth jut forwards like the Chinese man’s mouth.

The difference in the look of the mouths is that the masturbation man’s mouth displays the common look of the mouth while an individual is masturbating or at rest. The look of the mouth of the Asian man is how the mouth of a masturbator would look when they were speaking.

Another common masturbation caused change to the body exhibited by the masturbation changed man is that one shoulder will look higher than the other. In this man’s case his right shoulder looks higher than his left shoulder.


The Asian man’s shoulders are mostly level because he is concentrating on altering his face.


There are other actions and health situations that can cause the same facial distortion that the Chinese man is mimicking and the Caucasian man actually has.

Injection of Drugs, Snorting of Drugs, Homosexuality, Excessive Sex, Excessive Exercise, Anorexia, Youth and Old Age, Analytical Thought, or anyone who has a weak and underdeveloped Yin part of the body, are all associated with a similar set of changes to the face of a human being.

That means the mocking face the Chinese man is making could be meant to mock someone whose face was changed by any of the above listed causes, instead of just masturbation. 

Oct 162013

A 16-year-old boy died after masturbating 42 times without stopping in Rubiato town, in Goiás region, Brazil. His mother told a local newspaper that she already knew about his son’s addiction and that she planned to see the doctor, but the decision came too late. The young man began to masturbate at midnight and spent […]

Oct 162013
Man Mimicking Big Eye Syndrome

The man in the picture is mimicking the way someone with a masturbation changed body will look. Please keep in mind that Excessive Sex, Excessive Exercise, Homosexuality, Anorexia, Youth and Old Age, and Analytical Thought, are all associated with most of the bodily changes, this one included, that are caused by Masturbation.