Dec 052013
  • Shape Change Of The Legs
  • Frozen Leg Muscles
  • Atrophied Leg Muscles
  • Tendency Of One Leg To Lock Straight
  • Cold Legs
  • Numb Legs
  • Misalignment Of The knees
  • Knee Pain
  •  Knee Popping
  •  Ankle pain
  • Shape Change Of The Feet
  • Frozen Foot Muscles
  • Atrophied Foot Muscles
  • Cold Feet
  • Numb Feet
  •  Shape Change Of The Toes
  • Frozen Toe Muscles
  • Atrophied Toe Muscles
  • Cold Toes
  • Numb Toes
  • Susceptibility to falling down
  •  Achilles Tendon problems
  • Blisters
  • Callouses
  • Bunions
Dec 052013
Masturbation Cripples The Legs

Masturbation Cripples The Legs:   (1) – By tightening them which makes them difficult to move  The legs are made of organic material that is meant to be soft, supple, pliable and flexible. Masturbation tightens the leg which reduces their pliability and flexibility, and gives them a tendency to lock straight outwards. (2) – By […]

Dec 052013
Destruction Of The Grounding Ability

Masturbation will weaken or completely break the grounding ability of a human being in exactly the same way demonstrated in this picture.  The man’s feet have come up off of the ground and his buttocks are jammed forwards because his grounding ability is completely gone. That is where the real power or pressure for an […]