Nov 252013

According to Happeh Theory, masturbation will give an individual the tendency to unconsciously assume their masturbation posture when they are tired, frightened, startled, cold, sickly, day dreaming, relaxed, and when they are feeling sexually stimulated.

Why would the body of an individual who was tired, frightened, startled, cold, sickly, daydreaming, relaxed, or sexually stimulated, react to those stimuli by assuming the posture it holds during masturbation?

Because masturbation tightens and shrinks the body permanently over time, in a unique way dependent on a variety of factors including which hand is used for masturbation, and how the hand is used for masturbation.

When an individual experiences frightened, startled, cold, or sickly those tight and shrunken areas contract more than the rest of the body does, which puts the body in it’s masturbation posture. When an individual is daydreaming, relaxed, or tired, the tight and shrunken areas of the body prevent those parts of the body from stretching in the same way the unaffected parts of the body stretch. The effect on the body is to again produce a posture related to the posture the individual takes when they masturbate.

An alternative way to describe why a masturbation weakened body will assume it’s masturbation posture when the individual is frightened, startled, tired, cold, sickly, daydreaming, relaxed, or sexually stimulated, is to say they are not consciously controlling their body under any of those influences or in any of those mental states. Their conscious mind is distracted by the fear, tiredness, sexual stimulation, etc, or simply not active in the case of daydreaming or relaxation.

Because the individual is not consciously controlling their body, the body assumes the configuration it has been molded into by the strongest physical influence that acts on it, which is the configuration it has when the individual is masturbating.

There are two goals of this section.

(1) To provide examples of unconscious masturbation postures the interested reader can use to teach themselves how to read the body language of another human being.

(2) To provide examples of the bodily changes caused by masturbation, every one of which supports the validity of the claim by Happeh Theory that masturbation will physically change the human body.