A Healthy Alternative To Masturbation

One reason people have trouble stopping masturbation is because they have no other sexual outlet. Partner sex is not available for whatever reason so the individual feels they have no choice but to masturbate. This blog entry discusses a healthy alternative to masturbation that involves a device called a “FleshLight”. A Fleshlight has a duplicate of a mouth, a vagina, or an anus mounted in a metal housing that looks like a flashlight. Hence the name “FleshLight”.


A FleshLight is designed to be held in the hand and used to masturbate with instead of using the hand itself.


One of the reasons masturbation harms the body is that when the hand encircles the penis for masturbation it does not completely encircle the penis. The arrows in the next picture highlight part of the penis that is not covered by the masturbating hand.


Because the penis is not completely encircled by the hand, uneven pressure is applied to the penis during masturbation. Relatively strong pressure is applied by the hand to every part of the penis except the part of the penis the hand does not cover, which receives no pressure at all.

The FleshLight completely encircles the penis.


Because the FleshLight completely encircles the penis, equal pressure will be applied all around the circumference of the penis. It is healthier for the penis and healthier for the human body if the penis receives similar pressure at all points on it’s surface that are in sexual contact with something.

While applying even pressure to the entire circumference of the penis does alleviate some of the health impacts caused by masturbation, that is not the reason for recommending the use of a FleshLight for sex instead of masturbating with the hand.

The main reason masturbation causes health problems is because the individual has to use their arm to masturbate. The individual who wants to masturbate but does not want to go blind and crippled from arm masturbation, needs an alternative type of masturbation.

That is how using a FleshLight can prevent masturbation caused blindness and crippledness. A FleshLight can be set up to be used for armless masturbation.

Devices have been created that mount a FleshLight into a platform like the one shown next.


Instead of using the hand to hold the FleshLight to masturbate, causing many of the same problems that masturbating with the hand causes, the individual gets on their knees in front of the platform mounted FleshLight,


so they can push and pull their penis into and out of the FleshLight with their buttocks,




and legs,


as their body was designed to.


This blog entry has used the FleshLight and a platform designed for a FleshLight as examples because images of those objects were available. Any sexual aid that completely encircles the penis and can be firmly mounted on a platform will work just as effectively.

The example platform for the FleshLight was designed so the individual was on their knees to use the FleshLight. It would be just as good and perhaps even better if the FleshLight or other sexual aid was mounted at a height comfortable to use while standing firmly planted on both feet. A shop vise would work well to hold the FleshLight or sexual aid at a comfortable standing height. Or a platform of the proper height could be built.

Regardless of what platform type appeals to the individual, the important thing is to completely stop using the hand to sexually stimulate the penis,


and to instead pump a platform mounted FleshLight, or similar sexual aid with the buttocks, hips, and legs, as the human body was designed to do.


This alternative sexual activity does not provide the same degree of health benefits and therapeutic action that partner sex does. It is highly recommended that the masturbating individual overcome whatever obstacles there are and become involved in partner sex