Case Study 01 – Raw Descriptive Data

I would like to publicly thank John Smith for providing the material for the first case study for this blog. It is impossible to state how important being able to provide this kind of evidence to support the claims of Happeh Theory is.

Mr Smith approached me of his own free will and volunteered this information because he had become convinced of the validity of Happeh Theory, and was willing to offer his own body and masturbation history as proof of the claims of Happeh Theory.

Mr Smith provided material through several different emails which can be found below:

This information is from the first email Mr Smith sent of his own free will.

“I have been a severe masturbator for a long time and I discovered it at a very young age. I am 26 now and remember having my first sexual fantasy at age 4 or so. I was not molested or anything, I think I just understood better than other kids. I masturbate with my non dominant hand but experience the tightness on my right side still. my left ‘snake’ is a lot longer. My right ribs are closer together than my left ribs. My entire body seems to twist right. my ribcage is very visibly turned to the right. My right shoulder looks higer than the left and is frozen even though I don’t use it.\

I know that you are correct about most of the things stated through happeh theory because of my personal observations. I discovered kung fu for healing purposes and found your videos randomly on youtube. I would like to provide you with my personal experiences and would gladly answer any questions and work with you to further explore any curiosities you may have concerning anything else specifically.

Oh yeah and I think that a lot of my pain comes from the permanant contraction of the muscles in my right rib cage… any hope in stretches to speed up recovery process.

Oh and one more thing I have pencil dick on my left side but absolutely none on my right side.”


The material found below is from the second email provided by Mr Smith. Mr Smith provided this material in response to requirements that were provided to him. The information in this email is much more detailed as a result.


left eye useless and orientation of the head changed but not as much change in the facial features as you would expect from the severe changes to my body. My left ear is less developed and lower than my right ear. By less developed I mean that the cartalige is much thicker and has more ridges and shape in my right ear. My right shoulder appears to be higher than my left shoulder but it is mainly an illusion from the trapazoid muscle being way overdeveloped on my right side and virtually non existant on my left side. My girlfriend noticed that I talk out of the right side of my face more so I guess that could be considered cigar mouth. I may have what would be a demon style bump over my left eye and actually may have appeared after my first experience with LSD if that could have anything to do with it…

In addition to chronic severe masturbation I have also experienced injuries to my left leg in the areas of my MCL Meniscus and my sacroilliac joint. From my understanding this attributed to the lack of development of core muscles in the left side of my body because each of those joints could not effectively transfter the energy from my legs up my body. This also helped to contribute to the left leg cripling from masturbation. My right foot is a half size smaller than my left foot and they become the same size as I stretch my right snake. I have pain and tighness in all my joints on the right and it really does feel exactly like you show with the shrinking snake on one side of my body. My fingers and toes are both way less flexible on the right side but the toes get better as I stretch the ligament behind my knee. My ribs are actually dislocated because of the severe twisting of my torso due to masturbation but I am not sure how clearly it will show up in a picture. I am also not sure which side is out of place at this point but the left ribcage looks like it is laying on top of my right rib cage where they meet at the sternum. My right rib cage is angled away from my body like I was leaning to the right at all times as well as angled forward a bit. The worst pain that I ever feel from these conditions are right between my shoulderblade and my right spine always hurts. The spine at that area does not easily bend to my left. I have to make kind of jerky twisty movements while throwing my right shoulder up towards my ear. This is very painfully and slowly breaking down whatever fiberous tissue is preventing the mobility but it is seeming to get the job done.

Another insight I would like to suggest is that maybe fetishes arise out of people associating a particular type of person with how a particular body part looks and also a good measure of that persons health. For me it was the foot but I could also get the same information a lot of times from looking at a woman’s neck/shoulder area. I think that maybe I looked for signs of stress in their feet. since I carried so much stress in my right one but not my left I could appreciate the difference and notice it on others.

The overall description of my body is that I feel incredibly tight everywhere on my right side and not at all on my left. My left side is as suple as a new born but at the same time nearly useless from lack of muscle.

My training in kung fu is purely self explorational at this point. I am learning how my body works and how that affects my mind and how my mind works and how that affects my body… Its kind of hard to explain but I am moving my body in weird ways to figure out how my skeleton is supposed to move without all the crap I so ignorantly constructed around it. I am working on grounding and making myself symmetrical starting at the ground up. Tai chi kind of work with no instruction, just going on what feels right and it seems to be working very well. I have no instruction in martial arts but as a kid I took around 8 years of ballet and tap and gymnastics so I am fairly aware of the way my body should work. I am also working on stretching my legs to be able to sit Indian style for meditation purposes. My study in kung fu revolves around making everything in my life easier in one way or another as a social and spiritual being.

I don’t have a camera right now and I would like to stay as annonymous as possible but I will send you some pictures of my body and masterbation technique and hand position whenever I can. I understand that you are absolutely on to something and as a very unusual case I think that I may be able to add some insight that you wont be able to find from observing most others even if you can convince them of these ideas.”

Another long and detailed email describing Mr Smith’s situation


“….Some personal details removed at the request of Mr Smith….”

I have always been pretty hardcore about anything that I did. I was that guy that could become good at something really quickly and be the best then lose interest in it all within a few months. This went away as I got older mainly I think due to the cessasion of my dance study. I was very limber, very strong, very balanced, kept my head in stressful or scary situations and was able to produce clear minded ideas even under large amounts of lsd and dxm and many other drugs. This all ended when I lost my virginity pretty much. I think I was 17. I became much more self conscious and aware of myself as a sexual being and that brought on stresses to my body that were totally imaginary but also beyond my control for some reason. I began to feel myself slipping into a sort of slavery of my own imagination as I felt tension build up over the years. I would usually sporadically find some kind of activity that would make my back pain feel better (start to reverse damage) but I was unaware of the kind of stress that masturbation was putting on me so I had no idea where it was coming from I could not stop it at the source or figure out why it was happening as it was. Once or twice a year I would usually find a stretch that would “blow my mind” or maybe an exercise or a different way of masturbating. I did change my hand technique many times over the years. I cannot even begin to remember how many times or in what particular manner.

I believe it was middle school that I noticed a curve to the left of my penis and I thought that the way to fix it would be to use the other hand. I trained my left hand to do it and this was perfect because I also discovered that you could find porn on the internet without getting arrested! (i was very nervous for the first couple years we had the internet). This meant that my right hand was free to work the mouse and I think that was also a serious contribution to my severe crippling. I discovered foot fetish porn very quickly. I had always had a thing for feet but I didn’t know quite what it was because it did not manifest itself in sexual fantasies yet because I didn’t know it was an option. I wound up exploring the most intense and grossest fetishes mainly out of curiosity and boredom with current material for masturbation. This is a very slippery slope and can lead to frustrating sessions of not being able to get yourself off because lack of material for inspiration all the mean while you are furiously beating the shit out of your poor pecker! This happened a lot to me.

I am not really sure when I started the homosexual fantasies but most definitely before puberty. Maybe as early as 7 or 8? The bulk of my fantasies were still straight until I was about 20 or 21 but I do remember having unexplainable homosexual fantasies before I knew it was an option or even what two men would do… The same is for my first straight fantasy. I remember two right around the first time. Both are absolutely insane but for some reason just gave me an electricly charged feeling that I could not explain. I didn’t know exactly what sex was at this time and I was maybe 4 years old. The first involves a dream. I was naked with a woman and we were sliding down a mountain as carefree as if we were on a bed of down feathers. No sex involved but very sexy you can admit wink wink. The second was when I was in the shower and for some reason I remember having an erection but I don’t’ think i was manipulating it. I was speaking out loud like children do before they realize that there are some things that shouldn’t be said out loud. I was acting out a fantasy that everyone had thrown away their clothes and everyone was going to be naked from now on. This was significant to me because the inspiration was due to the first day of kindergarten so I was around 5 or 6 I believe. Once again no sex but it gave me the sexy electrically charged feeling I would come to be addicted to. It seemed so much stronger and purer of an energy source back then. I don’t have a clue how old I was but I know I didn’t know about sex yet when I can remember the first time I masturbated with the intention of making my penis feel good. I was too young to know what sex was but old enough to take a bath by myself. Once again probably around 5 or 6 or so. I rubbed a bar of dial soap on my penis because it felt like a mix between a tickle and an itch. It started burning very badly after a while so i didn’t do that again… for a while. I think by 2nd grade I was masturbating frequently.

when I got bored with everything else was when I seemed to move on to homosexual fantasies and even acted on them many times. I never wound up with a good feeling about any encounter I had yet I still had the fantasies so I still kept trying. Little did I know that I’m not gay haha… but anyway I realized the link between masturbation and my gay fantasies about a year ago and stopped acting on them because I realized it was just a mechanism that my brain created to get me to orgasm when desperate for a fix.


A very short email was received from Mr Smith next.

another strange oddity that needs mention but I do not know why at this point is that I bat left handed and golf left handed. My dad is left handed. He has a noticeable centerline arc too. But I think that my dad’s goes the exact opposite direction of mine. His neck muscles are affected in the exact opposite manner too which i assume led to the head orientation and right ear being less developed like my left ear.

Sept 12 email from Mr Smith containing more descriptions of his situation.

Yes my body used to show very huge signs of pencil dick everywhere except my left arm (which I use to masturbate with 99% of the time).

I noticed in the summer of 2005 that my left leg was way smaller than my right leg. This included the muscles that come up and over your hip as well as my actual gluteal muscle.
The abs are kind of hard to explain because the muscle is there but it is far less dense and massive on the left. It looks as if there is an ark curving left down the centerline of my body even though that is not the constricted side.

My left chest actually looks fuller because my right chest is constricted and clockwise rotated. There is less muscle on my chest but the ribs literally sit on top of my sternum or my sternum sits on top of my constricted rib cage to make my left chest look full.

My left shoulder (yin and yang parts) are both very loose. It is like I can feel the tension in my right armpit at all times but I never feel tension in my left armpit. My left shoulder has damn near full range of motion but when I try to move my right shoulder in the same manner, I can hear things crunching inside that area of my back and shoulder and feel the pain and tightness all the way down the side of my right rib cage.

My trapezoidal development makes my left neck look like it has pencil dick if that makes any sense. My head leans to the left because of lack of muscle built up on my neck there while my right trap and back muscle there look like they are trying to climb up and over my shoulder.

Whatever it is that allows you move your legs side to side in the African dance is very tight on the right side but none on the left. I have pretty much total motion in the left joint but very little movement side to side on the right. It is getting better as I sit Indian style.

Email with information about the face of Mr Smith

As far as facial changes i am struggling with recognizing them in myself. I cannot tell which one my big eye is. I think it is my left eye. My left eye is the eye that its field of vision has changed if that helps. My hairline is farther back on the right side of my head. It almost seems like because of the orientation of my head, my skin is out of the positon it should be around my skull. Like the skin has been rotated clockwise at some point on the top of my skull.

The facial hair on my left side is less developed than my right. On the right side of my chest, my chest hair seems less developed.

The muscles on the right side of my face are more developed and pulls my cigar mouth to the right.

I am almost positive that my right side of my face is the “big side” because of the hair line but its hard to tell.

My left browline is more developed than than my right browline.