Explaining Masturbation Caused Body Changes Using The Fiber View Of The Human Body

According to Happeh Theory, masturbation will make a human being blind and crippled, as well as causing many other bodily changes and health problems. Those claims can be hard to accept because the genitals are located between the legs.


The legs are separate objects that are attached to the torso. They do not appear to be connected to the genitals.


 The arms do not look like they are connected to the genitals at all because they are far away at the top of the torso.


 The head does not look connected to the genitals because it is at the opposite end of the torso.


It would be natural to believe that if the genitals are physically separated from the arms, the legs, and the head, that it would be impossible for masturbation to change the arms, the legs or the head.

That seemingly logical conclusion would be wrong. The genitals are connected not only to the arms, the legs, the torso. and the head, but to every other part of the entire body. It is through those connections that masturbation is able to influence the arms, the legs, the torso, and the head.

There are a number of ways to visualize exactly how the genitals are connected to other areas of the body. One of those ways is to visualize the entire human body as being constructed from fibers. A fiber is a long, thin, flexible, and approximately cylindrical object. For this discussion, it is most helpful to visualize the fibers the body is constructed from as originating at the feet and traveling up to the head as shown in this picture.


Anything affecting any point along one of the fibers will affect the entire fiber. That means stimulation of the section of a fiber that passes through the genitals will induce some level of stimulation throughout the entire fiber.  It might be difficult to visualize what exactly that means. A guitar string can be used to demonstrate the point that is being made.

A guitar is an instrument with strings running from one end to the other. If a guitar string is plucked anywhere along it’s length, the entire guitar string will vibrate. The video linked below shows a guitar string moving in slow motion after it has been plucked.

The video showed that after the guitar string is plucked at one location,


the entire guitar string vibrates.


Plucking the guitar string is like masturbation.


The fibers within the human body can be treated like the strings of a guitar.


When the strings are plucked at groin level by masturbation, that part of the string moves.


Then the entire length of the fibers begin to vibrate and change position, like the strings on a guitar change position.


The wave shown in the picture above represents the normal train of events in any human body that is being sexually stimulated.

The blindness, crippling, and other health problems attributed to excessive masturbation can now be explained. They are the result of excessive sexual stimulation traveling along the fibers within the body and excessively stimulating other parts of the body.

Masturbation involves the squeezing of the penis. Excessive masturbation might be equated to crushing the penis instead of squeezing the penis. What does your common sense tell you would happen to an eyeball if the crushing force of excessive masturbation traveled along a fiber within the body to one of the eyes, and began crushing the eye? The eye is a soft and malleable object. There is no doubt the force a sexually excited male might exert to crush his penis while excessively masturbating would be enough force to cause some kind of problems with the eye.

That same crushing force traveling along fibers within the body causes all of the health problems it does, because most of the internal organs are as soft as the eyes are. If the crushing force of excessive masturbation was applied to the heart for instance, it is easy to imagine the individual developing heart problems because the heart is having to fight that crushing hand force every time it tries to beat.

The crippling attributed to masturbation would be the result of the crushing force of excessive masturbation traveling through the fibers in the body to the limbs, where they would both restrict the movement of the limbs as well as crushing the muscles and other organic material in the limb.