Male Full Body Analysis 01


All of the changes to the body of the man in the example picture, were caused by right hand masturbation.

One of the more noticeable masturbation caused changes to the man’s body, is the lifted upwards right leg.


That is one of the major changes that masturbation will cause to the human body, according to Happeh Theory. One leg will appear shorter and straighter, while the other leg will appear longer and look as if it is being lifted upwards.

The right leg is lifted upwards, because according to Happeh Theory, masturbation will tend to pull the same side of the body as the masturbating hand, in towards the groin. Because the man masturbates with his right hand, his right leg is being pulled up towards his groin.

Because the right leg and foot are being pulled up towards the groin, they cannot support the weight of the body as they usually do. When this man masturbates as he was just before this picture was taken, he shifts all his weight over onto his left foot, so his right leg can respond to the masturbation caused urge to pull the leg towards the groin.


The right side of the man’s torso is shorter, and it has a distorted shape compared to the left side of his torso.


The changes to the shape and size of the torso were caused by right hand masturbation.

As stated above, masturbation will pull the same side of the body as the masturbating hand, in towards the groin. The right side of the torso has a curved indented look to it, because it is being pulled down towards the groin. There is no pulling force being exerted on the left side of the torso, so it has retained it’s natural straight appearance.


The distortion of the right side of the torso includes the chest. Close examination of the chest area shows that the left side of the chest looks full and rectangular, while the right side of the chest looks smaller and irregular. The picture below emphasizes the difference in the level of the bottom of the chest on the right and left.


This picture emphasizes the difference in the width of the two sides of the chest.


One of the more intriguing changes caused to the body by masturbation is a depression that forms between the two sides of the chest. The depression will form on the same side of the chest as the masturbating hand. According to Happeh Theory, the severity of this depression will correlate to the likelihood of having a heart attack or other heart problems later in life.


The man’s penis is obviously not straight. His penis points to his left side. In addition to pointing to the left, the man’s penis is also rotated to his left. The yellow line emphasizes the direction of rotation of the penis.


The penis is pointing and rotating to the left because the right side is too weak to hold it straight.

Another observation that is very informative can be seen in the waist area. The joint between the legs and torso looks nice and straight on the right side of the body. On the left side of the body, the joint looks crooked and possibly swollen in places.


In fact, if you look very closely, you can see an odd looking raised and swollen area at the left side of the waist.


Can you see the lump? In a funny but scary way, the lump looks like a penis doesn’t it? The bottom part is the scrotum while the upper part is the penis reaching up and laying over to the side. The lump also has an obvious purplish or bruised coloring to it when compared to the surrounding area of the body.

According to Happeh Theory, that lump is due to masturbation. The effects of sex on the body are so strong that they can cause the growth of lumps, bumps, or even cancer.