Male Full Body Analysis 02


This example picture is useful one because it is an example of the main way that masturbation changes a human body according to Happeh Theory. The main overall way that masturbation changes a human body is to shrink one entire side of the body. The side of the body that shrinks is almost always the same side of the body as the masturbating hand.

The example man masturbates with his right hand. Masturbation has caused the right side of his body to shrink so much, that the man feels comfortable crunching the right side of his body down so his right arm can reach around under his right leg to grab his scrotum.

One of the main symptoms of a masturbation changed human body is to make the shoulders uneven. Because the example man has bent forwards so he can grab his scrotum, his right shoulder is far below the level of his left shoulder.


Another major symptom of masturbation is to change the orientation of the head.  The picture below highlights the down and to the right tilting of the man’s head.


The next picture highlights the leftward rotation of his head.


The tilting and rotation of the head are not a result of the man’s desire to look at the camera. Masturbation has physically changed the man’s body so that his head is forced to tilt to the right and rotate to the left.

The man could resist the urge to rotate and tilt his head and consciously hold his head straight up. If the man did hold his head straight up, the masturbation caused changes that want his head to tilt and rotate as shown in the picture will cause the man pain because he is not giving into those urges to tilt and rotate his head.

Another one of the major symptoms of masturbation is a pair of uneven arms. One of the arms will look longer than the other arm. The picture is cropped so the example man’s left arm cannot be seen. In spite of the fact the left arm cannot be seen, the angle of the left shoulder irrefutably indicates that to an observer, the example man’s left arm looks shorter than his right arm.


Masturbation caused shrinkage of the body affects the chest. The picture below highlights how the right side of the chest looks smaller than the left side of the chest.

Another of the major symptoms of masturbation is a that one of the legs will look longer than the other leg. Although the man’s legs cannot be fully seen in the cropped picture, what can be seen of the legs indicates the raised right leg will look shorter to an observer than the stretched out left leg.