Male Full Body Analysis 03

The example man’s body exhibits relatively minor masturbation caused changes.


The right hand, the most likely hand to be the masturbating hand because most people are right handed, is curled up as if it is curled around the penis.


The masturbating hand of a person who masturbates will tend to “freeze” into the grip that it has on the penis during masturbation. The masturbating hand will always look like it is holding onto the penis no matter what the person is doing.

One of the major changes caused to the human body by masturbation, is to make the shoulders slanted or uneven. The man’s right shoulder is higher than the left shoulder.


The high right shoulder and lower left shoulder give both shoulders a slanted look from high on the right to low on the left.


Another one of the major changes caused by masturbation to the human body, is to make one leg appear longer than the other. The short leg will usually be planted on the ground, while the longer appearing leg will look like it is lifted up from the ground. The example man’s right leg looks straight while his left leg looks raised up.


The short leg looks shorter and straight because masturbation shrinks it. The left leg will usually look fatter and healthier than the right leg, as highlighted below.


The man’s upper body slants to his left.


while his lower body is pressing into the car.


The picture above can be used to present an interesting way to think about how masturbation changes the human body.

In the picture above the man’s body is leaning to the left. Why?

According to the laws of physics, there is an equal and opposite reaction for every action. The man’s erect penis is pointing to his left.


An erect penis could be described as an action. The laws of physics say that for every reaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Two arrows going the exact opposite direction of the penis direction arrows are drawn into the picture below.


The two new arrows in the picture, are pointing in the equal and opposite of the arrows indicating the action of the man’s penis. That direction is to the man’s right. The same direction the man’s body is leaning.

The reason the man is leaning in the picture above, could be described by saying “The man’s body leans to his right, to provide the required equal and opposite reaction required by the laws of physics, to the action being exerted by the man’s penis to his left.”