Masturbation Full Body Analysis 22

Masturbation physically alters the human body in predictable ways. The pattern of changes will be determined by which hand is used for masturbation and the details of how the individual masturbates. Here is a picture of the example individual for this blog entry.


The example individual’s body has been changed by right hand masturbation, a claim easily corroborated by the presence of the individual’s right hand on his penis.


Masturbation will shrink the same side of the body as the masturbating hand. The man’s right hand is on his penis, so the right side of his body should be shrunken. The following observations support that expectation.

The right shoulder looks like it has moved down towards the penis.


The right leg look like it is moving upwards,


which puts it closer to the penis than it normally is.


The entire right side of the torso looks smaller than the left side of the torso. 


as it shrinks in towards the penis.


The head has slanted off to the left,


because the right side of the head is shrunken and as a result cannot properly control the right side of the head. 


The area of the right side of the body that has shrunken and caused all of the individual body changes previously pointed out, is located approximately within the boundaries of the yellow box in this picture.


The pattern of bodily distortion in the example picture is influenced by, and can be used to reveal, some of the deep construction details of the human body and the effects of masturbation on the deep construction of the body.

The entire human body can be described in terms of spirals. What that means is that every single one of the changes exhibited by the body of the example individual can be described as the result of a change to one of the major spirals within the human body. The are four of these major spirals pertinent to this discussion. There is one in each chest and one in each buttock.


When a spiral tightens it shrinks. The right hand masturbation caused rotation of the spiral on the right side of the chest,


shrinks the right chest which pulls the right shoulder inwards and downwards.


The man’s left shoulder looks high because he has locked it behind the couch,


to resist,


the inwards and downwards pull towards the shrinking right chest spiral.


An intriguing observation about the man’s body is related to the obvious bend located about halfway up the man’s penis.


The location of the bend in the penis lines up with the left edge of his tilted head and the base of his rotated upward left shoulder.


That is not a coincidence. There is a reason why they line up is that the inside of the man’s body is changing approximately along that line. Recall though that it was claimed that the human body is constructed from spirals.