Masturbation And Bodily Asymmetry – Example 01

According to Happeh Theory, the human body is designed to be outwardly physically Symmetric. The picture below shows a physically symmetric human body. A red line divides the model into two equal halves.


The model in the picture above is an example of a Symmetric human body. Each side of the body is exactly the same.

The picture below demonstrates an Asymmetric human body.


The left side of the body is smaller than the right side of the body. The right and left halves of the body are no longer identical. The right and left halves of the body are Asymmetric.

The picture below is an example of masturbation caused Asymmetry of the body.


The head in the picture above is larger on the right than on the left. The eye on the right is larger than the eye on the left.


The mouth angles from low on the right to high on the left.


The nose slants to his left, which means more of the nose is on the left side of his face than on the right side.


All of those changes make the head Asymmetric. The head is not the same on both sides.