Masturbation and The Pyramid View of the Human Body

According to Happeh Theory, the human body can be treated as if it is a pyramid. That pyramid is centered and aligned on the physical body as shown in the following picture.


The human body can be also be represented by three pyramids. The original pyramid centered on the body,


a pyramid centered on the right shoulder,


and a pyramid centered on the left shoulder.


Since the human body can be represented by those three pyramids, there is no reason to leave the actual human body in the picture.


As odd or hard to accept as it might be, the symbol shown in the picture above can be called a human body.

According to Happeh Theory, masturbation will make a human being blind and crippled, as well as causing many other changes to the body. Representing and discussing those changes can be challenging because of the complex shape of the human body and the complex patterns of changes masturbation causes to the body.

It is helpful to use a simple representation of the human body instead of the actual human body to discuss masturbation caused physical changes, because the main effect of the changes can be seen more clearly on the simple representation of the body.

The next picture shows the human body with just the two shoulder pyramids superimposed on it for clarity.


The main affect of right hand masturbation on the three pyramids is shown in the next picture.


Right hand masturbation has pulled the peak of the pyramid down from over the shoulder to the right hand.

Left hand masturbation will pull the peak of the left pyramid down to the left hand as shown in the next picture.


It is not a coincidence that masturbation, an act that involves using the hand at groin level, pulls the peak of the corresponding pyramid down towards groin level. In fact, masturbation can be visualized as doing exactly that.

The reader can visualize every stroke of masturbation pulling the peak of the pyramid over the shoulder of their masturbating hand one millimeter down towards their groin. The average person might stroke hundreds of times during masturbation. Hundreds of millimeters adds up to inches of downwards movement of the peak of the pyramid over the shoulder of the masturbating hand.


That doesn’t sound good. Does it? Does a human being with a pair of downwards slanting shoulders look normal and healthy to you?