Masturbation Caused Health Problems And Skeletal Misalignment

The health problems associated with masturbation are almost always accompanied by skeletal misalignment. That is because masturbation causes shrinking and tightening of the organic tissue of the body, which in turn pulls the bones of the skeleton out of alignment.

The next picture shows a human skeleton that will represent “Normal Body Geometry”. 


“Normal Body Geometry” means there is some normal or proper distance between the elbows and the pelvis.


An easy way to quickly check the proper geometry of the upper body for example, is to draw triangles connecting the center of the pelvis to each elbow and the corresponding shoulder as done in the next picture.


Those triangles would be an example of how the triangles should look on a body with normal and proper geometry.

There should be some normal and proper angle at each corner of both triangles,


and each side of the triangle should have some normal and proper length.


In the next picture the skeleton the upper body of the skeleton was tilted to the right to represent the effects of right hand masturbation on the body.


That masturbation caused lean of the skeleton changes the normal and proper geometry of the body. The next picture highlights how the distance between the elbows and the pelvis is affected by the right hand masturbation caused tilt of the body.


The base point of each triangle located on the center of the upper body is moved to the right shoulder by the effects of right hand masturbation. That change to the base point of both triangles changes the size of both triangles,


and the angles of each triangle.


The changes to the geometry of the body will interfere with the ability of the body to move the way it was designed to move. In other words, changes to the geometry of a human body will cripple the movement abilities of that human body.

Masturbation caused tightening and shrinking of the body will also change the natural size and shape of various areas of the body, which changes the volumes of those areas, which in turn will change the pressure that those areas of the body operate under.

According to Happeh Theory, changes to the size, shape, volume, and operating pressure of any area of the human body will cause health problems to develop.

The reason for the development of those health problems is common sense and easy to understand. The next picture shows an image of the internal organs superimposed on the skeleton with proper body geometry.


The upper body of the skeleton is then tilted to the right in the way said to be caused by right hand masturbation. The position and size of the image of the internal organs remains unchanged.


The upper half of the internal organ image is then re-sized and moved to the right in a way that visually demonstrates how the tilting of the upper body of the skeleton would affect the internal organs.


The arrows are pointing to the space between the upper internal organs and the outer part of the rib cage, which was done to visually highlight the additional volume available to the internal organs in that area due to the masturbation caused body tilting.

The expanded volume of that area means the natural and proper pressure in that part of the body will decrease, which can lead to health problems.

On the right side of the body the internal organs are being crushed into a smaller area. The decrease in volume of that area means the natural and proper pressure in that part of the body will increase, which can also lead to health problems.

Masturbation caused tightening and shrinkage of the body can interfere with the normal operation of any of the internal organs in this fashion. The heart and lungs are especially susceptible.

Improper body geometry caused volume and pressure changes within the body are responsible for heart palpitations and many other heart problems. They can also cause asthma and sleep apnea when they affect the lungs.