Sex With Aliens

What you see depends on how you think. All of the influences in your life combine together to form whatever world view it is that you have. Whatever it is that you have not been exposed to in your life will be unable to influence your world view. You will be “blind” to something that is right in front of you because have no experience with it.

This series of blog entries is devoted to providing examples of that concept.

The example picture for this entry is a piece of science fiction artwork titled “Sex With Aliens. Please take some time to thoroughly examine the artwork.


The artwork depicts a woman who is being sexually molested by what appears to be an alien humanoid, while other alien creatures look on.

It would be natural to focus on the sexual nature of the artwork. The woman’s breasts are bare,


and there is a penis like object penetrating her vagina.


The humanoid alien is squeezing the right breast,


licking the left side of her neck,


and masturbating her vagina.


All of those observations would convince most viewers to immediately assume the artwork was about sex. Those viewers would see nothing more in the picture, because once they were convinced the artwork was about sex there was no need to give the scene any more consideration.

While it is true the artwork does portray a sexual situation, according to Happeh Theory, the picture is really a depiction of a Secret Of Life.

Hundreds of years ago a theory about how the universe and everything in it is constructed was developed in Asia. That theory was named “Yin Yang Theory”. According to Yin Yang Theory, everything in the universe can be described in terms of Yin and Yang. Yin is usually defined as soft, while Yang is usually defined as hard.

The human body is an object in the universe, so Yin Yang Theory can be applied to the human body. Yin Yang Theory can be used to discuss the human body in many different ways. According to Happeh Theory, the example artwork for this blog entry is demonstrating one of the relationships between the Yin and Yang parts of the human body.

If you look at the artwork again though, it sure doesn’t seem like it could be saying anything about the human body, does it?


The human woman who is being molested represents the soft Yin part of the human body,


while the alien who is wearing an armor like suit represents the hard Yang part of the body.


The reader who is truly interested in this material as opposed to reading for curiosity, will want to ponder the following additional observations made from the artwork which has the two areas claimed to represent Yin and Yang both outlined.


The combined outlines possess two heads,


the Yang outline is to the rear of the combined outlines,


while the Yin outline is in the front of the combined outlines.


The Yang outline is also to the left of the combined outlines,


while the Yin outline is to the right of the combined outlines.