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This blog entry will extract and comment on the more useful material from Mr Smith’s description of his masturbation history, habits, and methods.

Commentary on the third page of the descriptive data provided by Mr Smith.

Page three of the descriptive data provided by Mr Smith contained large amounts of mental/psychological information. That large tract of text has been reduced to the following main points.


“….Some personal details removed at the request of Mr Smith….”

(1) – I was unaware of the kind of stress that masturbation was putting on me

Most people beleive that masturbation is something that happens between the legs. They have no idea that masturbation affects the entire rest of the body, or that it can cause physical and mental stress.


(2) – I did change my hand technique many times over the years. I cannot even begin to remember how many times or in what particular manner.

This is an interesting comment because most people give no thought to the act of masturbation. It is something they do for enjoyment and as long as they enjoy it that is as far as their thinking goes.

The change in hand technique for masturbation should cause Mr Smith’s body to give garbled signals as to which hand he masturbates with and how he masturbates.

If a human being masturbates with their right hand a certain set of changes will occur in their body. If a human being masturbates with their left hand a different set of changes will occur in their body. The knowledgeable individual can tell from the changes exhibited by the body of another human being which hand they use for masturbation.

In Mr Smith’s case, since he switched hands for masturbation and used his hands in different ways, his body should show changes indicating both right and left handed masturbation.

The state of Mr Smith’s body currently will be governed by whichever hand he masturbated the longest with. Mr Smith stated he currently masturbates with his left hand, so his body should show mostly left handed masturbation caused changes with only minor signs of changes caused by right hand masturbation.

(3) – I believe it was middle school that I noticed a curve to the left of my penis and I thought that the way to fix it would be to use the other hand. I trained my left hand to do it and this was perfect because I also discovered that you could find porn on the internet without getting arrested! (i was very nervous for the first couple years we had the internet).

This is another statement showing that Mr Smith is an observant and perceptive person in the area of masturbation. Many people believe common wisdom that something like the penis curving to the left or the right is caused by genetics, and therefore cannot be change.

The direction the penis points is governed by the physical state of the rest of the body. If the rest of the body is changed the direction the penis points will change. Mr Smith reasoned this out and applied his reasoning by switching from his right hand to his left hand to masturbate.

Unfortunately Mr Smith does not say if his attempt worked. There is no mention if switching from the right hand to the left hand for masturbation straightened out his penis.

(4) – I trained my left hand to do it and this was perfect because I also discovered that you could find porn on the internet without getting arrested! (i was very nervous for the first couple years we had the internet)This meant that my right hand was free to work the mouse and I think that was also a serious contribution to my severe crippling.

Mr Smith’s statement “I trained my left hand to do it…that meant my right hand was free to work the mouse” is an attention getting one. Many people cannot use both hands at the same time. It would be interesting to ask Mr Smith if he could use both hands at the same time before he began changing the hand he used to masturbate with or afterwards.

If Mr Smith was only able to use both hands at the same time after he began changing hands to masturbate, the implication would be that masturbation with his off hand gave Mr Smith the ability to use both hands simultaneously for different things

A natural experiment suggested by Mr Smith’s experience would be to gather individuals who normally can only use one hand at a time. These individuals would then be asked to masturbate with their off hand for some period of time. The time period would need to be a long one such as at least a year.

After the period of time had passed, the individuals could be tested to see if off hand masturbation had developed and strengthened their off hand enough that they became able to use both hands simultaneously.

While it may seem outlandish to consider using masturbation to develop an individual’s off hand, if an individual feels that they must masturbate, at least they could get some positive benefit out of the activity by using masturbation to develop and strengthen their weak hand.

(5) – I wound up exploring the most intense and grossest fetishes mainly out of curiosity and boredom with current material for masturbation. This is a very slippery slope and can lead to frustrating sessions of not being able to get yourself off because lack of material for inspiration all the mean while you are furiously beating the shit out of your poor pecker! This happened a lot to me.

This is a common reaction to Excessive Masturbation. Masturbation can be said to tighten or shrink the Yin part of the body. Excessive Masturbation can tighten the Yin part of the body so tight that it will no longer react to stimulation of the genitals. The effect would be similar to tightening a spring so tight that it cannot bounce anymore.

The shrinkage of the Yin part of the body and the need for sexual stimulation can give the individual irresistable urges to do whatever is necessary to become sexually stimulated, even if those activities disgust the individual.

(6) – I am not really sure when I started the homosexual fantasies but most definitely before puberty. Maybe as early as 7 or 8? The bulk of my fantasies were still straight until I was about 20 or 21 but I do remember having unexplainable homosexual fantasies before I knew it was an option or even what two men would do…

Homosexual feelings by young human beings are normal because the only genitals young human beings have seen are their own or those of others of the same sex. Culturally it is taboo for young children to see the genitals of children of the other sex.

Because Mr Smith only knew what a penis looked like, when it came time for him to begin having sexual fantasies he fantasized about what he knew. Penises and the people they were attached to. Other males.

(7) – I think by 2nd grade I was masturbating frequently.

This statement is surprising. An individual who began masturbating when they were in 2nd grade should show strong signs of masturbation caused changes to the body. While Mr Smith’s body is changed by masturbation in obvious ways, his body is not changed as severely as it could be if he began masturbation in the second grade.

The effects of masturbation are dependent on the way an individual masturbates and how long they masturbate for. If Mr Smith masturbated for relatively short periods of time in a mild way, then even if he did start masturbating in the 2nd grade his body would have changed in a only a relatively mild way.

(8) – when I got bored with everything else was when I seemed to move on to homosexual fantasies and even acted on them many times.

This is a gratifying statement for the author of Happeh Theory to read because it confirms one of the claims of Happeh Theory. According to Happeh Theory, Excessive Masturbation will give the affected individual homosexual desires.

(9) – I never wound up with a good feeling about any encounter I had yet I still had the fantasies so I still kept trying.

The continued homosexual fantasies of Mr Smith even though he did not recieve satisfaction from them, is the usual reaction of excessive masturbators driven to engage in homosexual sex.

Mr Smith’s desire for homosexual sex is not based on a desire to be with other men because he likes being with other men. Mr Smith’s desire for homosexual sex is driven by the masturbation caused physical needs of his body.

Masturbation weakens and depletes the body physically, mentally, and energetically. Excessive Masturbation will drain the man of his male energy or masculinity. The excessive masturbator will develop a strong irresistable urge to restore his masculine energy.

According to Happeh Theory the main purpose of sex is to transfer male or masculine energy from the man to the woman, and to transfer female or feminine energy from the woman to the man.

The excessive masturbator develops homosexual feelings because masturbation has drained his masculinity leaving it too low. The natural instinctive way to bring the masculine or male energy back up would be to have sex with another man.

Sex with the other man would transfer that man’s masculine or male energy to the excessive masturbator just like sex transfers the male’s energy to the woman. The input of male energy from the other man would temporarily relieve the body’s need for male or masculine energy.

That method of male energy replenishment does work. As noted above though it is only temporary. The excessive masturbator will invariably masturbate again, which will drain away all of the male energy he gained from sex with another man.

The excessive masturbator will be caught in a cycle. They will masturbate which will drain their male energy and give them the urge for homosexual sex to replenish the energy. They will have homosexual sex and their energy will be replenished, but then they will masturbate again and go right back to the drained state and the need for homosexual sex replenishment.

(10) – Little did I know that Im not gay

That is another gratifying statement to read because it corroborates everything that was said in point number 9.

(11) – I realized the link between masturbation and my gay fantasies about a year ago and stopped acting on them because I realized it was just a mechanism that my brain created to get me to orgasm when desperate for a fix.

While it is good for his health that Mr Smith has realized the link between masturbation and gay fantasies and stopped acting on them, I would disagree with the implication of the rest of his statement that it was only mental or emotional needs that caused him to seek out homosexual encounters.

I would argue that Mr Smith benefited from the energy that was exchanged during these homosexual encounters whether he was aware of it or not. People who do not know about the energy of the human body frequently attribute mental or emotional motivations to actions that are actually caused by energy motivations of the body.

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