The Effects of Masturbation On The Human Body Case Study 01 – Analysis and Commentary On Raw Descriptive Data – Part 05

This blog entry will extract and comment on the more useful material from Mr Smith’s description of his masturbation history, habits, and methods.

Commentary on the fifth page of the descriptive data provided by Mr Smith.

Attention! This blog entry contains pictures of penises. If you do not want to see pictures of penises DO NOT READ MORE!

(1) – Yes my body used to show very huge signs of pencil dick everywhere except my left arm (which I use to masturbate with 99% of the time).


“Pencil Dick” is one of the changes that masturbation can cause to the human body. A “Pencil Dick” is a penis that is thin, usually long, and seems to be mostly cartilage. The next series of images show example penises that fit the definition of “Pencil Dick”.

According to Happeh Theory, “Pencil Dick” is the result of the shrinkage of the Yin part of the body or the underdevelopment of the Yin part of the body.

The Yin part of the body can be thought of as the fleshy or soft part of the body. The penis of people who do not have a “Pencil Dick” penis feels like it is fleshy and kind of flexible. The flexibility and fleshiness is due to the enveloping of the penis by the Yin part of the body. The next series of images demonstrate penises that have been enveloped by the Yin part of the body and are not “Pencil Dick” penises.

It can be normal for young men to have a pencil dick because they are young. Either for reasons of maturity or lack of the right kinds of physical exercise, the Yin part of the body has not developed so it cannot envelope the penis with a fleshy covering that is flexible.

A young man who was concerned he might have a pencil dick should wait until he is older, or until some period of years after they have become sexually active as what is known as a “top”, or the person who does the pumping during sex, before they begin to wonder if the Yin part of their body is going to envelope their penis with a fleshy flexible covering.

The covering of the penis by the Yin part of the body is stimulated by sex with the woman. Therefore sex with the woman would accelerate the Yin coverage of the penis at whatever age the male began sex with women, even if it was very young.

(2) – I noticed in the summer of 2005 that my left leg was way smaller than my right leg. This included the muscles that come up and over your hip as well as my actual gluteal muscle.

Mr Smith has stated that he currently masturbates with his left hand. Mr Smith’s says his left leg is smaller than his right leg. The preliminary conclusion would be that left handed masturbation causes shrinkage of the leg on the same side of the body.

The next few pictures verify that Mr Smith’s left leg looks smaller than his right leg. The first picture highlights how the outside of the right leg looks longer with a smooth curve to it, while the outside of the left leg has a shorter more sharply curved shape to it.


This picture highlights how Mr Smith’s right hips looks rounded and full while his left hip has a depression at the bottom, then looks flat as it rises towards the waist.


The next picture emphasizes how Mr Smith’s right knee looks larger and thicker than his left knee.


It is necessary to be clear about how or why one leg could be smaller than the other leg. A leg can be smaller than another leg because it is weaker or less developed than the other leg. But a leg can be smaller than another leg because it is stronger and more developed than the other leg also. That can seem confusing.

A leg that is smaller because it is weak, is small because it has never been changed by exercise. A leg that is smaller because it is strong has been changed by exercise. Exercise made the leg shrink smaller and tighter.

Mr Smith’s small left leg should be of the strong and tight variety. Left hand masturbation should have tightened Mr Smith’s left side in a way that means it is small and strong in a relatively healthy way, and not small in a weak or unhealthy way that would be a sign of damage or sickness.

(3) – The abs are kind of hard to explain because the muscle is there but it is far less dense and massive on the left. It looks as if there is an ark curving left down the centerline of my body even though that is not the constricted side.

The next picture allows inspection of Mr Smith’s abdominal section.


Mr Smith’s abdominal muscles are not developed enough to see the changes he is talking about from a distance. Commenting on what Mr Smith is referring to would require a more close up picture or quite possibly apersonal hands on examination.

The arc that Mr Smith refers to also does not appear to be visible in this picture so no comment can be made.

(4) – My left chest actually looks fuller because my right chest is constricted and clockwise rotated. There is less muscle on my chest but the ribs literally sit on top of my sternum or my sternum sits on top of my constricted rib cage to make my left chest look full.

Mr Smith made a similar comment about his ribs previously. It is difficult to know exactly what Mr Smith means by “my ribs sit on top of my sternum etc”.

The following picture was used to demonstrate what Mr Smith might be saying about his right chest rotated. The right ribcage is protruding forward so much that it produces a shadowed area on the skin of the stomach.


The ribcage protruding outwards could be caused by the rotation of the ribcage that Mr Smith describes.

(5) – My left shoulder (yin and yang parts) are both very loose.

Mr Smith’s comments about the Yin and Yang parts of his left shoulder will be purposefully disregarded because of doubt regarding Mr Smith’s concept of the Yin and Yang parts of the arm and the Happeh Theory concept of the Yin and Yang parts of the arm.

(6) – It is like I can feel the tension in my right armpit at all times but I never feel tension in my left armpit. My left shoulder has damn near full range of motion but when I try to move my right shoulder in the same manner, I can hear things crunching inside that area of my back and shoulder and feel the pain and tightness all the way down the side of my right rib cage.

Mr Smith also made a comment similar to this previously. The previous response was that according to Happeh Theory, each hand is connected to the opposite side of the body. The following picture showed a simplistic representation of how each hand is connected to the opposite side of the body.


Because Mr Smith masturbates with his left hand, it would be expected that his right shoulder would be tight and painful, because the forces of masturbation are transferred from his left hand to his right shoulder through the connections shown in the picture above.

(6) – My trapezoidal development makes my left neck look like it has pencil dick if that makes any sense. My head leans to the left because of lack of muscle built up on my neck there while my right trap and back muscle there look like they are trying to climb up and over my shoulder.

I would guess that what Mr Smith is trying to say by “my left neck looks like a pencil dick”, is “the Yin part of my body in my neck area either has not developed or has shrunken”. That would be expected since Mr Smith masturbates with his left hand.

It has been mentioned before that Mr Smith is an observant and thoughtful person when it comes to the effects of masturbation on his body. Mr Smith says his head leans to his left because of the small and weak left neck muscles. That statement cannot be verified because there is no picture of Mr Smith’s head for privacy reasons.

The leaning of Mr Smith’s head to his left is exactly what should happen though if the left side of his neck is underdeveloped and the right side of his neck is overdeveloped. The next picture highlights how the left side of Mr Smith’s neck does indeed look smaller than the left side of this neck.


(7) – Whatever it is that allows you move your legs side to side in the African dance is very tight on the right side but none on the left. I have pretty much total motion in the left joint but very little movement side to side on the right. It is getting better as I sit Indian style.

The “African Dance” that Mr Smith refers to is the subject of multiple Happeh Theory videos.

The Secrets of Life 01 – African Dance

The Secrets of Life 02 – African Dance Part 02

The Secrets of Life 03 – African Dance Continued

Yin Fu Ba Gua. Is it really unique?

The dancers lower their body to make their legs bend


then move their legs towards


and away from each other


to perform the dance.

The answer to Mr Smith’s question “whatever it is that allows you to move your legs side to side” has two answers. An answer that makes sense to a scientific kind of person would be “it is the hips that allow the side to side movement of the legs in the African Dance”. For a person who was of a more metaphysical nature, the answer could be “it is the strong development of the Yin part of the body that allows the side to side movement of the legs demonstrated in the African Dance”.

Mr Smith’s comments about his legs makes sense in regards to his masturbation habits. Mr Smith masturbates with his left hand and his right hip is tight. As with his right shoulder, the forces of left handed masturbation travel across the body through the connections shown in the picture below to shrink and tighten the right hip, which limits it’s mobility.