The Same Curves That Make Up A Penis Can Be Found All Over The Body

A previous post claimed that a penis could be treated as two simple curves as shown below.


It was then shown that a human body could be described as a similar pair of curves.


The fact that a penis and a human body can both be described as a pair of curves was said to justify treating a human body as a large penis.


This post will provide more corroboration for the claim “You Are A Big Penis” by demonstrating how the pair of curves that represent a penis are found all over the entire human body.

Those same curves can be found on either side of the nose,


and on either side of the neck.


The two curves can be found by the wrists,


and on the chest.


And they can found by the knees,


and ankles.


Those are just some of the penis like areas that can be found on the human body, if the penis is treated as a pair of curves.


Every one of those curved areas is an additional piece of support for the claim “You Are A Big Penis”. “You” meaning “The Human Body”.