Cyclopean Eye Analysis 03

Here is the example picture for this blog entry.


 The individuals left eye is almost completely covered by hair.


Which leaves the woman looking as if she has only one eye,


a look that is known in Happeh Theory nomenclature as “Cyclopean Eye” because of the fact a legendary creature with only one eye is called a “Cyclops”.


“Cyclopean Eye” is the result of shrinkage of the opposite side of the head and body. The shrinkage of the left side of the example individual’s head is so severe the left eye socket looks like a cave with none of the eyeball visible.


Confirmation of the claim this individual’s left side is shrunken come from the fact the left shoulder lower than the right shoulder,


a condition that makes both shoulders look slanted down to the left,


and also makes the neck slant to the left.


The claim the left side of the body is shrunken is further confirmed by the tight and sinewy look of the left side of the neck,


as well as the slight malformation of the individual’s lips. The left side of the mouth looks slightly shorter and slightly less full than the right side of the mouth.


This example of Cyclopean Eye is caused by Anorexia, Snorting of Drugs, or Injection of Drugs. That conclusion is based partly on experience that can only be gained by time, but also on the extreme dark look of the left eye.  Drug use of any kind will always make the eyes extremely dark.

It would be necessary to either physically examine the individual to determine the cause for certain, or perhaps a full body picture of the individual would provide enough evidence to decide.