Cyclopean Eye Analysis 05

The example picture for this blog entry shows an individual making a face.


This example picture is of an extreme case of masturbation caused “Cyclopean Eye”, a health condition so named by Happeh Theory because the individual gives the impression they only have one eye like the legendary creature known as a “Cyclops”.


Because the man’s condition is so severe that he has completely closed his left eye, 


he literally looks like he is a Cyclops, or a creature with only one eye.


It would be natural to argue the look of the man’s face is only the result of a purposeful mental choice. Meaning he thought “I want to completely close my left eye and contort my face in this exact manner”.

While it is true the man mentally decided to make what might be termed a “forceful expression”, the exact details of his “forceful expression” are indicative of  masturbation caused body changes. Masturbation will usually shrink one side of the body. The shrinkage of one side of the body determines how the affected body appears to outside observation. The path of the masturbation force that is affecting this individual is shown in this picture.


That “upwards and curving to the right” force rotates the head so it looks slanted to the individual’s right. 


It pushes the hairline upwards along it’s path of travel in comparison to the rest of the hairline. 


And that “upwards and curving to the right” masturbation caused force,


pulls the left side of the mouth open wider,


than the right side of the mouth.