Nov 082013

According to Happeh Theory, Excessive Sex, Masturbation, Homosexuality, Injection Of Drugs, Snorting of Drugs, Anorexia, and Analytical Thought, will make a human being blind and crippled, as well as causing a variety of other body changes and health problems.

Please take a moment to examine the following picture.


The picture shows a middle aged man who looks normal in most respects.

Here is a picture of the man taken at a later date.


The man looks sick and unhealthy in addition to looking like an almost completely different man.


The drastic change in the man’s appearance is the result of Right Hand Masturbation and possibly Drug Use according to the author. What observations from the picture lead to that conclusion?

The right eye is so dominant it looks like his only eye.


That “look” of having one dominant eye is one of the characteristic changes that masturbation inflicts on the body.

The man is holding a statue up by the side of his head,


with his right hand.


which is the same hand it is being claimed the man masturbates with.

Another one of the characteristic changes masturbation makes to the body is to give the masturbating hand a tendency to rise up towards the head. The fact the man’s right hand is raised up by his head indicates he masturbates with his right hand, as has been claimed.

It is not a coincidence the man’s right hand has an extremely tight grip on the statue and his right eye looks like a Right Cyclopean Eye.


Holding onto the statue with the right hand requires contracting the right hand. The act of contracting the right hand simultaneously opens his right eye wider because of the changes masturbation has made to his body. The grimace on the man’s face,


is also related to the man’s right hand grip on the statue and his Right Cyclopean Eye.

It was stated earlier that masturbation causes health problems as well as bodily changes. If that statement is correct, the presence of masturbation caused changes in the example man’s body means the example man should have health problems also

The example man does have health problems. He died at age 50 of a heart attack.

Because sex involves the heart, the man’s death of a heart attack at the relatively young age of 50 also supports the claim his body was affected by masturbation.

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