Egyptian Eye Analysis 02

Egyptian Eye Analysis 002

This is an example of drug caused Egyptian Eye.

( The naming of this condition is in flux as of 11-2013. The rest of the post below will refer to the condition as “Cyclopean Eye” until the naming situation is resolved )


The fact the man was in drug rehab should reassure readers who doubt the claim the man is an example of a snorting drug caused Cyclopean Eye.

The man’s Cyclopean Eye is not that hard to discern because of the photo angle. The line in the following picture approximately follows the boundary of the man’s Cyclopean Eye.


One of the effects of Cyclopean Eye is that the individual will tend to focus or look through the Cyclopean Eye instead of through both eyes, even if the other eye is not completely blind.

What that means to other people is that the most effective way to communicate with the example man would be to stand off to his right side where his right Cyclopean Eye is normally focused, instead of standing directly in front of him where the two eyes of a human being normally focus.

Cyclopean Eye can be rehabilitated to some extent. The head and face will fill out and approach something close to their original size and shape, depending on how long the individual works on rehabilitation and how effective the process is. A severe case like this example would take on the order of years of rehabilitation to regain something close to the original configuration of the head and face.