Egyptian Eye Analysis 03

Egyptian Eye Analysis 003

This is an example of an Excessive Sexual Activity related Egyptian Eye.

( The naming of this condition is in flux as of 11-2013. The rest of the post below will refer to the condition as “Cyclopean Eye” until the naming situation is resolved )


The eye being referred to as an “Egyptian Eye” is the covered over right eye.


The claim of this particular blog entry is that the example woman and every other human being with hair covering one of their eyes, is that if those individuals do nothing to remove the hair covering their eye, it is because the hair covered eye is mostly blind. They don’t move the hair blocking their vision because they have no vision in that eye to block.

Clues that help understand why the woman’s has a right Cyclopean Eye include the boney and sinewy look of the shoulder and collarbone area,


the indentation above the hips in the side of the torso,


and the tilting of the head over to the left.


The shrunken looking right side of the torso, the shrunken looking right shoulder and collarbone area, and the inability of the right side of the body to prevent the head from tilting to the left, are all indications of shrinkage of the entire right side of the body.

Shrinkage of one entire side of the body is one of the main changes Happeh Theory claims Excessive Sex will inflict on the body. If the example woman was standing up, the right side of her body would look like the right side of the woman’s body in this picture.


( EDIT: Many readers are likely wondering why Excessive Sex will shrink one side of the body. The answer is not that hard to figure out.

Sex involves the man’s penis entering the woman’s vagina. What does the woman’s vagina do to the penis once the penis is in there? The vagina holds onto the penis. How exactly is the vagina holding onto the penis?

According to Happeh theory, one entire side of the body of a female is used to help the vagina hold onto the penis. The blue and red lines in the next picture follow one side of the body, then drop down on each side of the vagina.


The reason Excessive Sex causes one side of the body to shrink, is because that side of the body is constantly being contracted so it can help the vagina hold onto a penis. According to the example picture above, the right side of the woman’s vagina must be holding tightly onto the penis,


because the right hip, the right side of the torso, the right shoulder, and the right side of the head, all look contracted.


If you cannot see the contraction of the right side of the body, you can intuit there must be contraction of the right side of the body because the left arm, the head, the left leg, and the left side of the body all look like they are moving to the right, as if they are being pulled that way via contraction of the right side.


Pretty easy to figure out huh? )