Egyptian Eye Analysis 04

Egyptian Eye Analysis 004

The pose held by the man in the picture below is indicative of condition known as “Egyptian Eye” in Happeh Theory nomenclature.

( The naming of this condition is in flux as of 11-2013. The rest of the post below will refer to the condition as “Cyclopean Eye” until the naming situation is resolved )


What is it about the man that signifies he has a Cyclopean eye? There are quite a few clues actually.

Why is the man’s head turned to his right?


There is no reason for him not to face directly ahead. Or if the man needed to turn, there is no reason for his body and head not to turn in a more aligned way. If you look closely at the man’s eyes, you can see his eyes are forced to compensate for the turning of his head to the right, by turning back to his left so his eyes can focus on whatever is in front of him.


The man’s head turns because that is another symptom of the same health problem that has given him a case of Cyclopean Eye. The reader should be able to determine it is the left eye, the most prominent eye in the picture, that is behaving like a Cyclopean Eye.

Please note the disparity in appearance between the two halves of the face.


The side of the face on the left is well lit and seems relatively full and healthy.


The side of the face on the right appears shrunken and darker than the left side of the face,


with the shrinkage centered around the inner part of the eye.


Why is the man holding his right arm up by his face?


There is no need for the man to hold his right arm up by his head. Why would he do that?

The right arm held up by the face is another symptom of the same bodily changes that have given the man a Cyclopean Eye and caused his head to turn to the right. The right side of the man’s body within the area circled in the following picture has contracted smaller than the same part of the other side of the body.


The shrinkage of the right side of the body in the area indicated makes the right side of the face look shrunken, it causes the man to turn his head to his right for no apparent reason so that he presents a left Cyclopean eye, and causes his right arm and hand to lift upwards for no apparent reason.