Egyptian Eye Analysis 10

Egyptian Eye Analysis 010

Why is the man in the picture below looking at the camera mostly out of his right eye?


There is nothing in the picture that is making him turn his head so his right eye is focused on the camera. Why isn’t he looking straight at the camera?

Because he has “Masturbation Caused One Eyed Blindness”.

( The naming of this condition is in flux as of 11-2013. It has also been referred to as “Big Eye Syndrome” and “Egyptian Eye” in other areas of the website. Those terms have an interchangeable meaning wherever they may be encountered. )

Masturbation with the right hand has tightened and reduced the size of the right side of his body in a way that forces his head to rotate to his left,


and focus mostly his right eye on the camera.


The man’s left eye does look at the camera, but it has to move all the way to the inside of the left eye socket in order to do so.


Happeh Theory also uses the phrase “Big Eye Syndrome” to describe what is being called “Masturbation Caused One Eyed Blindness” in this post. The reason that Masturbation Caused One Eye Blindness has been known as “Big Eye Syndrome” for so long and through so much of Happeh Theory, is that the shrinkage of the body caused by masturbation makes the affected eye look as if it expands tremendously in size.

The circle around the right eye in the next picture approximately follows the boundary of the Right Hand Masturbation shrunken area around the right eye that is the inspiration for the name “Big Eye Syndrome”.


It may be difficult to discern the changed area of the face in the previous picture with the line in the way. The comparison picture shown next offers the opportunity to do a back and forth comparison between the highlighted area around the right eye and the original unaltered picture.


This example picture is a very good one because the man is an excellent specimen of a male human being in every other way besides the changes Right Hand Masturbation has made to his body.


This example picture could be used in the definition of Right Hand Masturbation caused “Big Eye Syndrome”. It could also be used in the definition of how right hand masturbation changes the head.

The other changes to the head that are characteristic of Right Hand Masturbation besides a rotation of the head to the left and the development of Big Eye Syndrome, include a very slight tilting of the head down to the right,


and the visibility of only one ear.


The man’s upper body has also been changed by Right Hand Masturbation. Please note the almost perfect form and appearance of the left shoulder.


The right shoulder looks noticeably different in the area indicated by the arrows.


The changes to the right shoulder are caused by Right Hand Masturbation.