Facial Distortion Introduction

According to Happeh Theory, masturbation will make a human being blind and crippled, as well as causing many other changes to the human body. One of those changes is asymmetry of the body.

The next picture has an X shape centered on the masturbation changed face of an example individual.


A simple glance at the picture with the X on it reveals the masturbation damage to the face of the example individual is in the right part of the X. Although some of the other three quadrants the X divides the face into do show masturbation changes, the major changes are all in the right quadrant.


The next picture shows another example of another man whose face is unmistakably asymmetric.


An X centered on the face is then added to the picture.


Although there are masturbation caused changes in the entire face, especially the lower quadrant, the most severe changes are in the right quadrant of the X on the face.


Next is a comparison between both example individuals whose faces are claimed to have been made asymmetric by masturbation.


It is undeniable both men have asymmetric faces. It is undeniable that the major changes to each face is in the right quadrant of an X shape centered on the face.

The changes to each individual’s face are the typical changes changes right hand masturbation causes to the face.