Hand Gesture Mocks Condition of Homosexual’s Body

According to Happeh Theory, masturbation will make a human being blind and crippled by tightening and contracting the body in such a way that it’s normal function is interfered with. Homosexuality is associated with many of the same health problems and bodily changes as those associated with Masturbation.

The tightening of the body associated with Masturbation and Homosexuality will pull the entire body and various parts of the body away from their normal location and orientation. The pulling follows a predictable pattern because of the way the human body is constructed and the effect the forces of Masturbation and Homosexuality have on that construction.

For example. The crippled arm associated with Masturbation or Homosexuality will always take on a particular look. The crippled arm will looks as if it is being retracted upwards towards the head and inwards towards the body, like the left arm of the computer model in the next picture.


The arrows highlight the retraction of the left arm up towards the head,


while the arrows in this picture emphasize the movement of the lower arm in towards the upper body.


The location of the left arm of the gay computer model would be a moderately severe case of Masturbation or Homosexuality associated arm crippling. As the forces that cause the arm crippling increase, the affected arm will pull tighter into the body and move further upwards until it reaches the head as shown in next picture of a real life human being who is a self professed homosexual.


The fact that the example picture shows a real life human being helps corroborate the claim that Homosexuality is associated with a crippled arm.

The focus of the this blog entry is the next picture, which shows a man holding a mask over his face.


The man has a stick behind his head with his left wrist bracing one end of the stick,


and his right elbow bracing the other end of the stick.


The man’s right hand is at the back of his head,


with the fingers pulled backwards in a way that gives the hand a claw like look.


Why is the man holding his right hand at the back of his head with the fingers held like claws? Why isn’t the man using his right wrist to brace the stick,


in the same way his left wrist is bracing the stick?


Because the man with the stick is mocking the man whose mask he is wearing. By holding his right hand to the back of his head with the fingers held like claws, the man with the stick is saying the man whose mask he is wearing is a homosexual, whose body is so severely distorted that when people look at him, they see a man with his right palm stuck to the right back side of his head with the fingers raised up like claws.