Head Analysis 01

The example head for this blog entry is shown in the picture below.


Lines and then drawn from the rectangle surrounding the head to selected points on the face.


The lines on the left side of the picture connect the rectangle to the edge of the face. The lines on the right side of the picture have stopped at the side of the face that is visible lit. The lines all lay on the boundary between the well lit and dark parts of the left side of his face.


That boundary on the face is a boundary between the healthy and unhealthy parts of the head. The dark side of the head is not dark just as a result of the lighting, though that does have an effect on the picture.

If the man’s body posture and the position of his head were adjusted, the entire front plane of his face would be visible with the exact same lighting used above. The darkness in his face is caused by the posture of his body and the position of his head which are in turn caused by the various physical changes to his body that cause it to act in a way that it was not designed to act.

Undeniable observations about the head

The man’s head is tilted to his right.


The man’s body is twisted so that his right shoulder is closer to the camera while his left shoulder is farther away from the camera.


The right eye looks full and normal while the left eye looks as if the left side is irregularly shaped and not fully visible.


The visible area of the right side of the face is larger than the visible area of the left side of the face.


The right ear looks larger than the left ear.


Educated Observations

There is a large brightly lit spot on the right side of the man’s head.


This can be called the center of the energy in the man’s head. The circular area above should be in the exact center of his head. As you can see, the circle has shifted to the left side of his head. This is not surprising since his entire physical head has shifted to the right also.

Damage or change of the physical body is always associated with a change in the normal location and signs of the energy of the body.

There is a large glare area on the left side of the picture.


The area on the right side of the red line is the glare part of the picture being referred to.

The energy of a human being can affect a photograph. The glare in the picture above is due to the man’s energy.

The laws of physics say that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The head of the man in the picture above undeniably tilts to his right. The laws of physics say that something must move to the left to counter balance the movement of the physical head to the right.

The energy body of a human being will shift in the opposite direction of the movement of the human body in many circumstances. That is what has happened above. The man’s physical head tilts to the right so his energy body tilts to the left to counterbalance it. The camera has picked up the man’s energy and portrayed it as a glare over the picture.

The picture below has a caricature face drawn on it.


The scary looking red head is the energy body of the man. His energy body shifted to approximately where the red head is to offset the movement of his physical head to his right.

The movement in the picture shown above is not limited to this specific photo. This man’s energy body will tend to always be shifted off to his left.