Head Analysis 04

The example head for this blog entry is shown in the picture below.


Now the picture with lines connecting the inside of the yellow rectangle to selected points on the face.


The following picture compares the current example face with lines connecting it to the surrounding rectangle to the same picture from some previous examples. Notice how the woman’s face is fully lit compared to the other faces with have varying sized areas of darkness in them.  


Even though there is no dark area on her face, her face is not properly formed on her left side. The boundary between the well formed part of the face and the not properly formed part of her face on the left is shown below.


The next picture compares the faces of a relatively healthy man with the current example woman.


The face of the healthy man looks full and flat to the camera. The left side of the face of the woman though looks like part of it is missing. It seems reasonable to assume the woman’s body must have gone through some kind of experience to make part of the left side of it disappear, because all of the left side of the face of the healthy man is visible. 

Undeniable observations about the head

The woman’s head tilts strongly to her left.


The left side of the face has a distorted shape.


The visible area of the right side of the face is larger than the visible area of the left side of the face.


More of the right ear is visible than the left ear.


The lower lip is moving downward and to the her left. The movement is subtle.


There is a gap in the teeth. The gap in the teeth is corroboration for the distortion of the entire mouth that is indicated by the movement of the lower lip. Notice how the gap in the teeth is almost directly above the depression in her lower lip. That matchup in location is not coincidence. They are both caused by the same force within her body.


The cheekbone on her right side appears prominent and protruding. There is no similarly prominent and protruding cheekbone on her left side.


The right eye looks bigger than the left eye.


The bone structure of the eye sockets have not changed. The feeling that is conveyed by the eye socket on the right is different from normal. The left eye socket looks mostly like a natural eye socket. The right eye socket appears to have enlarged as shown by the circle around it.

The woman’s hair partially falls over and obscures the left side of her forehead.


Educated Observations

There is a vaguely circular area on the woman’s forehead.


All healthy human beings have this circular area on the forehead. By design, this circular are should be centered in the middle of the forehead. The circular area on this woman’s head is unbalanced. The left side of the circle is not a full circle like the right side. Her left and right.

The significance of this observations are many. The thinking of a human being is influenced by the location of the circular area on their forhead. If the circular area is in the center of the forehead, the person will think in a balanced way. A person whose circular area leans to either the left or the right will think in a very specific way. It does not matter if they are male or female. It does not matter what ethnicity they are.

What matters is that any human body is designed to have this circular area centered in the middle of the forehead. Any movement of this circular area away from the center of the forehead will change the thinking and the personality of the human being.


The location of the rounded dome on the woman’s forehead is more on the right side of her forehead.


What has happened to this woman’s body that made the forehead circle move to the right?

The laws of physics say that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The forehead circle looks like it moved to her right, so something in her body must have moved to the left. That something seems easy to figure out because her entire head is tilted to her left.


 The tilting of the head to the left is more of a side effect than a cause of the forehead dome moving to the right. It is actually shrinkage of the left side of the woman’s body and head that causes the head to tilt to the left, and is the counterbalancing force to the rightwards movement of the forehead dome.

More intriguing observations can be made about this particular example head in the context of the entire picture is is a part of. 


Look at the picture for a minute. What impression does the woman’s entire body give?

The woman’s body gives the impression her head is tilted to the left because her left hand is pulling it that way.


All of the observations about the woman’s body indicate that instead of her energy body being centered on her physical body as it should be, her energy body has moved off to her left to the approximate location shown in this picture. 


Now take a moment to examine that image to see if there is anything that catches your attention or startles you. Does anything seem odd or perhaps scary about the picture?

The microphone is located right where the mouth of the energy body is. 


It looks like her energy body is talking into the microphone, because that is exactly what is going on.

A human being will locate or orient their physical body so that their energy body is performing whatever task they want to perform. If the energy body is superimposed on the physical body as it should be, then the physical and energy bodies will be focused on the same thing. 

The dislocation of the woman’s energy body from her physical body explains why the microphone is not in front of the mouth of her physical body. It is the mouth of her energy body that wants to do the talking, and since the mouth of her energy body is to the left of her physical body, her physical mouth must be to the right of the microphone to make her energy body mouth line up with it.

The final intriguing observation that will be discussed involves the man who is sitting behind the woman.


 There is a man sitting behind her and to her left. The side of her body that has been described as physically weak. Now please examine the picture showing the location of the woman’s energy body again.


The man looks lined up with the gap between the woman’s body and her left arm where her energy body is, doesn’t he?  That is not a coincidence.

Human beings can be controlled or influenced by other human beings. The controlling or influencing takes place by manipulating the energy body of the target human being. Manipulating the energy body of another human being is accomplished via the manipulating human being finding the location of the energy body of the target human being and either placing their physical body on that spot if the energy body is off of the physical body completely, or aligning their physical body with the energy body of the target human being. 

The common name for manipulating or controlling a human being using their energy body is “Possession”. 

The man in the picture is manipulating or influencing or possessing the woman. That conclusion is based on the fact that it cannot be a coincidence he is aligned on her energy body and he appears to be focusing intently on her. Focusing intently on the target is another part of the manipulation/possession process along with placing or aligning oneself on the energy body of the target.

This information can be used to train oneself to see energy manipulation or possession of themselves or someone else. If you see a person focusing intently on you or someone else, or that person seems to be consciously trying to take a particular spatial orientation to your body or the body of another person, it is highly like that person is trying to align themselves on your energy body or the energy body of the person you are watching so that person can possess or manipulate you or the person you are watching.