Head Analysis 09

The example head for this blog entry is shown in the picture below.


Lines are then drawn from the rectangle surrounding the picture to the sides of the face.


Observations about the head

The head is tilted to his right.


The visible area of the right side of the head is larger than the visible area of the left side of the head.


Slightly more of the individual’s right ear is visible than there is of the left ear.


The right side of his mouth is slightly lower than the left side.


The area under the left eye is stretched out and larger,


than the same area under the right eye.


That larger and stretched out under eye area on the left eye contributes to making the entire left eye appear larger than the right eye.


The shape of the left side of the nose is slightly distorted.


The tip of the nose is slightly rotated towards the man’s right side. There is less of the right nostril visible than there is of the left nostril.

Educated Observations

 The individual in the example picture is a self declared homosexual. That fact is relevant to this discussion because according to Happeh Theory, Homosexuality is associated with many of the same bodily changes and health problems that are associated with Masturbation.

In spite of the fact that his body exhibits Homosexuality related changes that are unhealthy, the man overall has a strong body as evidenced by his large rounded forehead. 


A human forehead will hardly ever be large and rounded unless the underlying body is relatively strong and healthy.

The healthy human body that evolves in a healthy way will exhibit various physical changes at different stages of the evolutionary process. In addition to the large rounded forehead, his body is changed in a way that indicates his body has moved towards a higher state of being. This particular bodily change involves the face projecting more forwards and becoming more limited to a circular or elliptical area at the front of the head. That area on the example individual is highlighted in this picture. 


The viewer should get the impression when comparing the two pictures that the face is something that is below the rounded forehead, as opposed to the face being composed of the area that is highlighted plus the rounded forehead area. As the man’s body continues along the path towards becoming a higher human being, the forehead should bulge and seem even larger, while the facial area, the area highlighted by the circle in the picture, will get even smaller.


According to Happeh Theory the head and body are inextricably linked, meaning that the head cannot change without related changes taking place in the body. This complete picture of the example man can be used to verify that claim.


 The individual’s right shoulder is lower than the left shoulder,


which makes more of the right side of his neck visible than the left side of the neck.


Those changes to the body confirm the claim that the head and body are inextricably linked because they have all occurred on the right side of the body. The right shoulder is lower,


the right neck is taller,


the right side of the mouth is lower,


there is more of the right ear visible than the left ear,


the right eye is smaller than the left eye,


and the entire head tilts to the individual’s right.  



It was noted previously that the individual’s right eye appears smaller then the left eye.


There are two ways the eye size could have become different. Either the left eye became larger, or the right eye became smaller. In this case the left eye has enlarged.

The answer here is that the left eye has expanded and now looks larger than the normal sized right eye. This type of change to one of the eyes is one of the most obvious and common bodily changes associated with Masturbation and Homosexuality. 

The following picture compares six of the bodily changes noted in the body of the example man. 


According to Happeh Theory, all of those bodily changes are associated with Masturbation and Homosexuality. That claim is disputed by many, and may be disbelieved by the reader. The doubting reader needs to remember something and then think very hard about their doubts.

The example man is a self professed homosexual and his body exhibits the exact changes Happeh Theory claims are associated with Homosexuality.

So what doubt can there be that Homosexuality is associated with specific visible changes to the body, or that Homosexuals and Masturbators could be identified by looking for those specific changes in the body of another human being?