Nov 212013

According to Happeh Theory, masturbation will make a human being blind and crippled, as well as causing many other physical changes and health problems to the human body. One of those physical changes is what is known as “Big Eye Syndrome” in Happeh Theory Nomenclature.

“Big Eye Syndrome” is the name given to the tendency of the affected individual to focus only one of their eyes on whatever it is they are interested in. The eye that the individual is using to focus on objects of interest will give the impression that has expanded in size beyond the boundaries of the eye socket.

Please take a moment to examine the following picture.


That picture shows a human being with “Big Eye Syndrome”. He is focusing mainly his right eye on the camera,


and his right eye gives the impression that it is much larger than the eye socket.


Since masturbation is claimed to cause Big Eye Syndrome and the man in the example picture has Big Eye Syndrome, the obvious conclusion is that the man masturbates. The man must have masturbated over some unknown period of time until his right eye developed Big Eye Syndrome.

While that “obvious” conclusion is almost certainly partially correct, it is not completely correct. The man in the picture is a self professed homosexual. According to Happeh Theory, homosexuality is also associated with the development of Big Eye Syndrome, as well as all of the other bodily changes and health problems that Happeh Theory claims are caused by Masturbation.

That means the man’s Big Eye Syndrome could be associated with only Masturbation, only Homosexuality, or Masturbation and Homosexuality. ( The last possibility is the most likely ).

What exactly does “Homosexuality is associated with the same symptoms as those caused by Masturbation” mean? Does it mean that if someone says verbally “I am homosexual” they will get Big Eye Syndrome? Does it mean if someone dresses up in clothing of the opposite sex they will get Big Eye Syndrome? Or maybe it means if they start speaking and acting like the opposite sex they will get Big Eye Sydrome?

Everything about Happeh Theory is simple common sense. Any reader can figure out most of Happeh Theory on their own if they try. The answer to the question “What is it about homosexuality that associates it with the same bodily changes and health problems as are associated with masturbation?”, is as easy to find as answering the question “What does masturbation involve?”.

Masturbation involves the physical act of the hand stimulating the penis. It is that act of the hand stimulating the penis that eventually leads to the development of Big Eye Syndrome.

So if Homosexuality also leads to Big Eye Syndrome, then doesn’t it seem likely that some physical act associated with Homosexuality must be causing the Big Eye Syndrome? What physical acts are specifically associated with Homosexuality? Oral Sex and Anal Sex are both strongly associated with Homosexuality.

That strong association justifies the preliminary conclusion that either anal sex, oral sex, or both anal and oral sex can lead to the development of Big Eye Syndrome, and all of the other bodily changes and health problems Happeh Theory claims are associated with Masturbation.

Many readers have trouble accepting that homosexuality or masturbation causes any bodily changes because they feel there is no way to prove the human beings in the example picture either masturbated or are homosexual. The fact that the example man’s appearance is connected to homosexuality cannot be denied since the man is a self professed homosexual.



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