Homosexuality Caused Body Changes In Self Professed Homosexuals 05

According to Happeh Theory, Masturbation will make a human being blind and crippled, as well as causing many other health problems and bodily changes. One of the other effects masturbation can have on the body is produce urges for homosexual sex.

Many people have difficulty accepting that masturbation is associated with the development of homosexual feelings. Proving that connection is actually very simple. All that has to be done is to inspect the body of a homosexual to see if it exhibits any of the bodily changes that Happeh Theory claims are caused by masturbation.

Please take a moment to examine the photo below, which shows a self professed homosexual man.


The blindness caused by masturbation can be described as “One Eyed Blindness”. Masturbation will make the affected individual behave as if he has only one eye.

How many eyes does the man in the picture have? Two of course.


But how many eyes does it look like the man is focusing on the camera? The man has rotated his head to his right,


to focus his left eye on the camera.


This self professed homosexual man is behaving as if his left eye is his only eye.

This picture corroborates the claim that homosexuality is associated with masturbation, because this self professed homosexual man exhibits one of the main changes masturbation inflicts on the body, which is a change known as “

In fact, this picture is a very good example of what Happeh Theory calls “Egyptian Eye”. Egyptian Eye is the result of shrinkage of the same side of the body as the Egyptian Eye. When that side of the body shrinks, it tightens up and pulls on the head. Because of the way the body and head are connected, and because of the pattern of tightening caused by the shrinkage of one side of the body, the head rotates so it looks as if it is focusing mostly out of just one eye.

In order to describe what happens to the eyes in a case of Egyptian Eye, it is necessary to first discuss the behavior of the human eyes. While human beings do have two equally sized eyes in their face is demonstrated by this model, 


those two eyes can behave as if they are merged together into one large eye,


that is supposed to be centered between the two actual eyes.


The Big Eye of the homosexual man cannot be centered on his face as it should be because the shrinkage of the left side of his body has forced his head to rotate to the left.


That head rotation centers the big eye on just the one eye on the shrunken side of the body,


So while most people who were asked why the man has rotated his head so just his left eye was focused on the camera, 


would probably feel that it was a personal choice, or perhaps it was connected to the hand sign he is making with his right hand,


the real reason he has rotated his head to focus his left eye on the camera is because that is the natural location of the large compound eye created from merging both eyes together.