Homosexuality Will Make You Blind And Crippled


Homosexuality is associated with many if not all of the same physical changes to the body and the same health problems as those Happeh Theory claims are caused by Masturbation. Some of those health problems and physical changes include blindness in one eye and the crippling of one arm and one leg.

According to Happeh Theory, Homosexuality is associated with a characteristic set of physical and mental changes to the body. The simplest way to describe the physical changes that are associated with the body of a homosexual is to say “Homosexuals only have half of a body”. 

That claim should not be surprising. The word for a human being that likes human beings of the same sex is “homosexual”. The root word “homo” can be interpreted as meaning “one”. According to Happeh Theory, human beings who like human beings of the same sex were originally called “homosexuals” because they look and behave as if only one side of their body works properly. Or to put it another way, homosexuals tend to look and behave as if they are physically “homo” sided.

That physical one sidedness includes the head and brain, which is responsible for the characteristic mental changes associated with homosexual human beings. The exact mental changes that take place are determined mainly by which half of the body of the homosexual is the properly working half, and which half of the body is the improperly working half.

The physical one sidedness associated with homosexuality has a number of causes.

(1) – Circumstance of birth

A human being could be born with an overly weak half of the body.

(2) – Masturbation

Masturbation will tend to weaken the opposite side of the body from the masturbating hand. According to Happeh Theory that is one of the reasons why masturbation can lead to the development of homosexual urges.

(3) – Homosexual sexual activity

The practice of oral and/or anal homosexual sex can lead to the weakening of one half of the body.

(4) – Excessive sexual activity.

Excessive sexual activity of any kind can lead to the weakening of one half of the body.

As with anything having to do with the human body, the effect that a physical action has on the body is directly related to the amount of that physical action. An individual who engages in the occasional homosexual sex act or the occasional act of masturbation will most likely not experience any bodily changes.

Examples of some of the common physical changes exhibited by the bodies of homosexuals are presented next. Before they are presented, it is necessary to address a common issue that arises in the minds of many people when they first view the examples.

The bodily changes exhibited in each picture that are claimed to be the result of homosexuality, look exactly like normal body movements. Many people refuse to believe the body changes exhibited in the pictures are associated with homosexuality, and insist they are nothing more than normal body movements.

Just like any other skill, it takes experience and knowledge to learn how to tell what is a normal movement of the body and what is a homosexuality associated movement of the body. Until the reader gains the necessary experience, they will have to trust the author’s years of skill in this area and accept that the body changes shown in the images are homosexuality caused.

(1) – Example of Homosexuality associated mild shrinkage of one half of the body

The turning of the head of the man on the right side of the picture to his left,


is one of the characteristic physical changes associated with homosexuality. The man is not turning his head to look at something. Homosexuality associated physical changes within his body force his head to rotate to his left.

The head of the man on the left is pointing down at the ground,


and his right leg is lifted upwards.


Those two changes are also changes typically exhibited by the body of a homosexual. The reason why the man’s right leg lifts upwards and his head points downwards is the previously mentioned shrinking of one entire side of his body, the right side in this man’s case,


that can be found in the body of the majority of homosexuals.

The left foot of the man on the right side of the picture is also lifted upwards,


but only slightly. The slight lifting of the left leg and the turning of his head to the left indicate it is the entire left side of his body that is shrunken.


In both cases, various areas of the men’s bodies have become atrophied or weakened to the point the men cannot consciously control them, or they can only exert weak control over those areas.  Loss of conscious control of those areas allows the legs to lift upwards and the head to turn to some other direction than the normal straight ahead orientation as demonstrated in the pictures.

(2) – Example of homosexuality associated changes to the face

Homosexuality is associated with a characteristic type of distortion to the natural shape of the face. Please inspect the following example close up image of the face of a homosexual man.


When the homosexual man smiles, he mouth does not lift up evenly. The right side of the man’s mouth is lifted upwards


while the rest of his mouth slopes down to the left.


That change to the mouth of a homosexual, one side open relatively wide with the other side mostly closed, is so common among homosexuals that it has been given the name “Cigar Mouth Syndrome” by Happeh Theory, because the mouth of a cigar smoker is open on one side more than the other side to hold the cigar in the mouth.

The arrows in the next picture highlight how one side of the mouth of a cigar smoker and one side of the mouth of the homosexual man both are wider than the other side of the mouth.


Then a picture with arrows highlighting how the wider open one side of the mouth makes the mouth of both the cigar smoker and the homosexual man slant from high on one side to low on the other side.


The shrinkage of the right side of the homosexual man’s body that caused the right side of his mouth to move upwards has shrunken the right eye so it looks smaller than the left eye.


Verification of the claim the right side of the face has shrunken comes from the smaller distance exhibited between the right eye and right side of the mouth.


According to Happeh Theory, Excessive Masturbation causes the development of homosexual feelings. The example man’s face looks more like a masturbation changed face than a homosexuality changed face.

The point is that the man in this picture probably decided he was gay because after excessively masturbating for some type and feeling masturbation caused homosexual desires, he decided he must be homosexual.

If the man had not masturbated excessively, he would probably be heterosexual.

(3) – Example of Homosexuality associated severe shrinkage of one side of the body


The two pictures above both demonstrate exactly the major body changes found in the body of a homosexual with one severely shrunken side of the body. In both of the example pictures it is the entire right side of the body has been shrunken.


The reduction in the right side of the body pulls the entire body towards the right hip. That shrinkage creates a large depression in the side of the torso above the right hip of both individuals.


The shrinkage of the right side of the bod the female looking homosexual is so severe, that he is holding his right arm in a way that makes it look like he has no right arm.


The previous example pictures introduce the physical changes that Happeh Theory claims are always associated with the body of a homosexual.