Male Full Body Analysis 05

Here is the example for this blog entry.


This is a picture for a sexual ad, so it is reasonable to believe that this man masturbates.

This condition of the man’s body indicates that he masturbates with his right hand. What is it about the man’s body that indicates he masturbates with his right hand? The main overall clue though, is that the man’s body is leaning to his right.Various other clues are presented next.

One of the main changes  masturbation makes to the human body is to make one shoulder look lower than the other shoulder. The example man’s right shoulder is lower than his left shoulder.


The level difference between the two shoulders gives both shoulders a slanted look.


Another one of the main changes masturbation causes in a human body, is to make one arm appear longer than the other arm. Although the bottom of the arms are not visible in the picture, there is the impression the right arm is longer because the slanting of the shoulders pushes the right arm down and out,


while the upward movement of the left shoulder


would pull the left hand upwards which would make it look shorter than the right arm.

The centerline of the man’s body is not vertically straight as it is designed to be. It is slanted to his right.


Masturbation has shrunken the right side of the example man’s body, which causes it to lean to his right.


The right side of the chest looks bigger and more full than the left side.


 The right side of the torso which is the the same side of the torso as the hand used for masturbation, is shorter than the left side of the torso.

A subtle masturbation caused change can be found in the man’s neck. The cords on the right side of the neck seem to stand out, which makes them more visible than the same area of the left side of the neck.


Another subtle masturbation caused change to the man’s body can be found in the shape of the shoulders. The left shoulder has a smooth and flattish look, while the right shoulder has a more rounded and muscular look.


If the reader will take a moment to list all of the changes to this man’s body that have been described, they can easily reach a preliminary conclusion for how masturbation changes the human body.

  • It was stated this man masturbates with his right hand
  • His right arm is longer
  • His right shoulder is lower
  • The right side of the neck stands out more than the same area on the left
  • The right side of the chest looks bigger than the left side of the chest
  • The right side of the torso is shorter than the left side of the torso
  • The entire body leans to the right

The man masturbates with his right hand, and all of the changes listed above are on the the right side of his body.

The preliminary conclusion from the available evidence is that the major changes caused by masturbation seem to occur on the same side of the body as the masturbating hand.


The picture below compares this example with the previous example.


The purpose of the comparison picture is to demonstrate that all human bodies react in a similar way to masturbation. Both men masturbate with their right hands and both men are leaning to their right. Both men’s shoulders slant down to the right. Both men have a larger appearing right chest than the left chest. The right arm of both men looks longer than the left arm. The centerline of the body of both men slants over to their left.

The fact that the bodies of both men look the same, should provide more confidence to the reader that masturbation does change the body in the ways described by Happeh Theory.