Male Full Body Analysis 07

Here is the example image for this blog entry.


One of the more common points of contention about the claims of Happeh Theory is that readers feel there is no proof the bodily changes are the result of masturbation. The erect penis and sexual nature of this picture, makes it impossible to deny that this human body is under the influence of masturbation.

This is a good example picture, because the subject is very thin. Because his body is so thin, the details of his muscles and other parts of the body are easier to see.

It is difficult to say with absolute 100% certainty which hand this man masturbates with, because there is so little of the body shown in the picture and the camera angle is a bad one. This man most likely masturbates with his right hand because of the changes to his body that are listed below.

It is possible he masturbates with his left arm though, because his left arm gives the impression that he just had his left hand on his penis, and then let the left arm fall to the side while the picture was taken.

Masturbation has changed the man’s penis so that it points off to his left, instead of pointing straight ahead as the penis is designed to.


The man’s right testicle is higher than his left testicle.


There is more of the left leg visible in the picture which makes it look longer than the amount of right leg that is visible in the picture.


This picture provides some unique insight into how the human body reacts to the act of masturbation. There is a bulge on the right side of the man’s lower stomach, above the right testicle.


The man’s right testicle is higher then the left testicle, and there is a bulging area of the body above the right testicle. Those two changes give the impression that the right testicle is trying to move up into the body, and because the testicle is big, it had to push it’s way into the lower stomach and make room for itself, which created the bulge in the lower stomach.

The next picture draws a circle around the bulge in the lower stomach, to emphasize how the raised area of the lower stomach looks like the testicle has gotten in underneath the skin of the stomach and made the stomach bulge outward.


There is another way to visualize the cause behind the development of the bulge in the right side of the lower stomach. The bulge could be visualized as being caused by the hand reaching down underneath the skin of the body to grab the testicle.

The bulge in the lower stomach would be the lower arm and wrist bulging out from inside of the stomach.


Scary picture, huh?

You don’t think so?

You should find it scary, because that is really what is happening. The human body is much more than what a person sees in the mirror.

According to Happeh Theory, when a human being masturbates, not only does the physically visible arm reach down to masturbate the penis, an arm like extension of the body reaches down inside of the body to masturbate the penis.

That visualization of how the human body works, provides an explanation for why masturbation changes the arm. Part of the arm, instead of traveling out into the arm and contributing to the strength of the arm, is instead reaching down inside of the body so it can masturbate the penis.

The picture of the Indian god Kali can help with visualizing the idea of part of the arm reaching inside of the body down to the penis during masturbation.


Kali has four arms. According to Happeh Theory, the process of masturbation can be visualized as the one of the upper two hands reaching down to masturbate the penis in the normal way that is visible to the eye, while the lower hand on the same side of the body as the masturbating upper hand, moved down through and inside of the body to also masturbate the penis simulatneously with the upper hand.