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According to Happeh Theory, masturbation will make a human being blind and crippled as well as causing many other changes to the human body. Masturbation will change the “look” or posture of a human body in a certain way depending on which hand is used for masturbation

A previous example picture used to demonstrate how right hand masturbation changes a human body is shown below.


The man is leaning to his right. He masturbates with his right hand. The man’s right hand is directly in front of his groin. The hand is curled as if it was curled around his penis for masturbation.

The man is smiling in a way that shows teeth and the right side of his mouth is more open than the left side of this mouth. The leaning of the man’s body to his right means his right shoulder is lower than his left shoulder. Both shoulders have a slanted look from high on the left down to low on the right. ( Pictures highlighting each of those changes can be found in that blog entry here. )

( Individuals who have not read the previous blog entry might wonder what proof there is that the man’s body has been changed by masturbation. This man was found dead in a hotel room. He killed himself while masturbating. It seems reasonable to believe that anyone who masturbated enough to kill themselves, would have masturbated enough to change their body in the ways described by Happeh Theory. )

Right handed masturbation will tend to change any human body on earth in the exact same way that the example man’s body was changed. The reason why is very simple. Masturbation makes the spiral in the upper body tighten to the outside of the body.

According to Happeh Theory there is a spiral in the upper half of each chest as indicated in this picture.


A spiral has two sides. The spirals in the human body have one side on the center of the body,


and the other side on the outside of whichever side of the body that spiral is on.


Masturbation will make the spiral in the same side of the chest as the masturbating hand spiral to the outside of the body. That spiraling also causes the shrinkage of the same side of the body as the masturbating hand.

Did you notice that the two spirals make a heart shape?


That is not a coincidence.


This blog entry provides another example picture showing how right handed masturbation changes a human body. This particular example is a much more severe example than the first example. The picture below shows the new example individual whose body was changed by masturbation.


It does not take any expertise to see that this man looks very unhealthy. The man looks the way he does because of right handed masturbation. This picture shows the chest spirals on the the man’s chest to emphasize their existence and position.


The next picture compares this example man to the first example man.


The comparison picture makes it easy to see why the first example man was described as a mild case of masturbation damage and the new example man is described as a severe case of masturbation damage. All of the changes that are present in the first man are also present in the body of the new man in a much more severe form.

The young man’s body is tilted more to his right than the old man’s body is.


That is logical if the young man’s body is more severely damaged by masturbation. The more severe tightening of the chest spiral in the young man would have tilted his entire body more severely than the body of the old man.

The young man’s head is tilted more to right than the head of the old man is tilted to the right.


The tilting of the head puts more of the head to the right of the body centerline than to the left as indicated by the arrows in the next picture.


The next picture circles each half of the head to emphasize how right hand masturbation makes the affected human being look like the right half of their head is bigger than the left half of their head.


The difference in the situation under which the photos were taken makes it difficult to see the changes to the mouth. The right side of the mouth of both men is more open than it should be. The opening can be seen in the old man’s mouth because he is smiling and his head is held up. The only evidence of the change to the right side of the young man’s mouth is a swelled and purplish looks to the lips around that side of the mouth.


The effects of masturbation on the older man have been ameliorated by his practice of Tai Chi. That and the conditions under which the photo were taken explain why the old man’s head is mostly erect. The normal look of the head of a masturbation changed human body is the hanging or pointing downwards look of the young man’s head.


The reader who is seriously interested in this material will want to note the look of the young man’s eyes. According to Happeh Theory, masturbation causes all the changes it does to the human body by shrinking the human body. The eyes of the young man have a shrunken and bruised look to them, corroborating the claim that masturbation shrinks the human body.


The man’s forehead looks lined. The lines are also an effect of the shrinkage of the body caused by masturbation. If the man’s body had not been shrunken by masturbation, his forehead would be big enough that the skin would stretch tight over it. Since masturbation shrank his head as well as his body, there is too much skin for his forehead. His forehead skin bunches up on his forehead so it looks lined,


like the excess skin of a Shar Pei dog bunches up and looks lined on it’s too small body.


The shrinkage the head has also affected the ear. The lower and middle part of his left hear sticks out from the head relatively normally. The top part of his ear though is flat against his head instead of sticking out from the head like the rest of the ear.


The reader might be wondering what proof there is that the young man’s body has been changed by masturbation. The young man in the picture was arrested for child molestation. It seems reasonable to claim that a man who was interested in child molestation would also be a man who masturbated.

In fact, According to Happeh Theory masturbation is what made the man a child molester. According to Happeh Theory masturbation will also change the personality and mentality of a human being so they become highly sexual. The sexual feeling is so extreme that it leads to inappropriate sexual activity such as promiscuous sex, homosexual sex, child sex, animal sex, bondage sex, and any other type of sex considered to be outside of the norm.

According to Happeh Theory, masturbation has so scrambled the man’s thinking ability and filled him with inappropriate sexual desires that the man can be viewed as not in control of himself. The man could be treated as if he was “possessed by the devil”. The man is thinking and acting in a way he would not think and act if he did not masturbate.

According to Happeh Theory, if the masturbation caused damage to this man’s body and brain was rehabilitated, the man’s thinking and desires would also be rehabilitated. Perhaps to the extent that he would be horrified at the thought of child molestation instead of sexually excited, as he was in his masturbation induced mental state.

The reader should take the warning implicit in this story. Not only will masturbation make a human being blind and crippled, masturbation can so scramble the brains of a human being that they can begin to desire butt sex, child sex, animal sex, or other types of sex that most people would be ashamed and embarrassed to be involved in or to even think about.

What is truly horrible about this masturbation caused change to the human body is that the affected individual does not know that their thoughts are the result of masturbation. The unaware individual will beleive that those sexual thoughts are their own inner desires, a potentially life changing belief if they were to actually act on those masturbation caused desires, as was the case with this example man who was arrested for child molestation.

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